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Dick-Lauder Mrs Goodman Robert B Robins John D
Fitzpatrick Dr John C Lyons Gene Moore Doris Langley
O'Brian Patrick R M E Schwarz Urs
Smith Larry Suzuki David Winfield Dave
Stonehill Moffett Eiteman Ekdahl Vic Huggins Kenneth
Marshall Henry McMullan W E Shurter Robert L
Steele Richard C Gates Doris Seuss Dr
Thomas Bob Crockett S R Linecar Howard
Kendall Henry M Deon Michel and Jacques Chardonne and Paul Morand Yoder Edward
Chin Laurene V Rachel Ridpath John Clark
Myers David G Crandall Joy M Berner Jeff
Berndt Thomas J Baruch Dorothy W Niven Larry
Lee Tanith Engdahl Sylvia Del Ray Lester
Wynne Pamela Ward Mrs Humphry Tarkington Booth
Newell Hope Keyes Frances Parkinson Kellino Pamela
Holt Victoria Hardwick Mollie Fosburgh Liza
Maher Terry Todd Robert Henry Smith Wm J
NA Charlton James Lisson Adrian and Sara Cleary
Methven Barbara Panasonic Patten Marguerite
Steward H Leighton Stucchi Lorenza De Medici Troy Diana
Truax Carol Waldo Myra Witchel Dinah
Ehrman Hugh Whiteaker Stafford Chandler Alice
England Claire Fleming Bonnie Mack Graves Clayton
Kleiser Grenville McLeod T H Meyer Linda D
Reaman George Elmore Richard Lucille Tartter Vivian C
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