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Dick-Lauder, Mrs: Wentworth Landmarks Goodman, Robert B: The Australians Robins, John D. (ed): A Pocketful of Canada
Fitzpatrick, Dr. John C: The Last Will and Testament of George Washington Lyons, Gene: Widow's Web Moore, Doris Langley: Marie and the Duke of H
O'Brian, Patrick: The Golden Ocean R., M. E: The Story of Mary Jones and Her Bible Schwarz, Urs: John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Smith, Larry: Typewriter is My Pulpit Suzuki, David: Metamorphosis - Stages in a Life Winfield, Dave: Winfield, a Player's Life
Stonehill, Moffett, Eiteman: Multinational Business Finance Ekdahl, Vic: Selling is Like That Huggins, Kenneth: Operations of Life and Health Insurance Companies
Marshall, Henry: The New Business Encyclopedia McMullan, W. E: Developing New Ventures Shurter, Robert L: Written Communication in Business
Steele, Richard C: Personal Financial Strategies Gates, Doris: Lord of the Sky Zeus Seuss, Dr: Did I ever Tell You How Lucky You are
Thomas, Bob: Disney's Art of Animation Crockett, S. R: Silver Sand Linecar, Howard: The Observer's Book of Coins
Kendall, Henry M: Introduction to Geography Deon, Michel and Jacques Chardonne and Paul Morand: The Portugal I Love.. Yoder, Edward: Must Christians Fight a Scriptural Inquiry
Chin, Laurene: The Unannointed V, Rachel: A Woman Like You Ridpath, John Clark: With the World's People
Myers, David G: Psychology Crandall, Joy M: Early to Learn Berner, Jeff: The Innerspace Project
Berndt, Thomas J: Child Development Baruch, Dorothy W: One Little Boy Niven, Larry: The Legacy of Heorot
Lee, Tanith: Tales from the Flat Earth - Night's Daughter Lee, Tanith: Tales from the Flat Earth - The Lords of Darkness Lee, Tanith: Electric Forest
Engdahl, Sylvia: This Star Shall Abide Del Ray, Lester (ed): The Best of C. L. Moore Wynne, Pamela: East is Always East
Ward, Mrs. Humphry: Elizabeth's Campaign Tarkington, Booth: Image of Josephine Newell, Hope: A Cap for Mary Ellis
Keyes, Frances Parkinson: The Heritage Kellino, Pamela: Del Palma Holt, Victoria: The Captive
Hardwick, Mollie: The Duchess of Duke Street - Vol 2 - the Golden Years Fosburgh, Liza: With Friends Like These Maher, Terry: Against My Better Judgement
Todd, Robert Henry: Cheer-up Verses and random Rhymes Smith, Wm. J: Technic Studies for Hawaiian Guitar NA: "Feist" Good Old Timer's
Charlton, James: Contemporary Cooking Volumes 1, 2, and 3 Lisson, Adrian and Sara Cleary: Tapas Delicious snacks from Spain Methven, Barbara: The Joy of Microwaving
Panasonic: Panasonic Microwave the Genius Cookbook Patten, Marguerite: The American Culinary Society's Menu Maker Steward, H. Leighton: The New Sugar Busters!
Stucchi, Lorenza De Medici: Great Desserts Troy, Diana: The Breakfast Book Truax, Carol: Woman's Day Simply Delicious Cold Dishes
Waldo, Myra: The Diet Delight Cookbook Witchel, Dinah: Encyclopedia of Home Cooking Ehrman, Hugh: Fruits of the Earth
Whiteaker, Stafford: English Countryside Needlepoint NA: Les Points De Broderie Chandler, Alice: The Rationale of the Essay
England, Claire: Guide to Basic Reference Materials for Canadian Libraries Fleming, Bonnie Mack: Creative Teaching in Early Childhood Eduction Graves, Clayton: Contexts - Reading Skills Two
Kleiser, Grenville: Helpful Hints on Writing and Reading McLeod, T. H: Post-Secondary Education in a Technological Society Meyer, Linda D: Safety Zone
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