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1ST/4TH THE LOYAL NORTH LANCASHIRE REGIMENT: The War History of the 1st/4th Battalion The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, now The Loyal Regiment (North Lancashire). 1914-1918 ABÉ, K: JAZZ GIANT. A Visual Retrospective Compiled by K. Abé ABERCONWAY, Christabel, told by. WHISTLER, Rex, illustrations by: The Story of Mr Korah
ABRAHAM, George D: British Mountain Climbs. With 18 illustrations and 21 Outline Drawings showing the Principal Routes ABRAMS, M.H.; HARPHAM Geoffrey: A Glossary of Literary Terms ACKERMANN, Rudolph and INGRAM, James: Ackermann's Oxford. With Notes by H. M. Colvin. King Penguin Book. No. 69
ACTON, Harold and DOUGLAS, Norman: The Last of The Medici Done Into English by Harold Acton with Introduction by Norman Douglas ACWORTH, W.M: The Railways of England. North Western, Midland. Great Northern. Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincoln. North Eastern. South Western. Great Western. Great Eastern. Brighton And South Coast. Chatham and Dover. South Eastern. Third Edition. With 56 Illustrations ADAM, H.L: C.I.D. Behind the Scenes at Scotland Yard
ADAMS, Charles: Dear Dead Days. A Family Album by Charles Adams ADAMS, Colonel R. M: Through to 1970. Royal Signals Golden Jubilee ADAMS, Frank: The Story of The Frog who Would A-Wooing Go. Illustrated by..
ADAMS, Frank. Illustrated by: Old Mother Hubbard ADAMS, W. H. Davenport: Beneath The Surface; or, the Wonders of the Underground World AESOP: Select Fables of Esop and Other Fabulists. In Three Books
AGRAWALA, Vasudeva S: Ancient Indian Folk Cults. Indian Civilisation Series No. VII AGRAWALA, Vasudeva S: Sparks From the Vedic Fire. [A New Approach to Vedic Symbolism] AGRAWALA, Vasudeva S: Vamana Purana - A Study. An Exposition of the Ancient Purana-Vidya
AIKEN, Dr: Select Works of the British Poets, with Biographical and Critical Prefaces. A New Edition with a Supplement by Lucy Aiken AIKIN, Dr. and BARBAULD, Mrs: Evenings at Home, or, The Juvenile Budget Opened. Illustrated with Fine Engravings after Harvey [AIKIN, John]: England Delineated ; Or, A Geographical Description of Every County in England and Wales: With a Concise Account of Its Most Important Products, Natural and Artificial. For The Use of Young Persons. With Outline Maps of all the Counties
AINSWORTH DAVIES, J. R: The Natural History of Animals. The Animal Life of the World in its Various Aspects and Relations. Complete in 8 Volumes AITKEN, Jonathan: Pride and Perjury ALBERT, W. and HARVEY, D. A. (Eds.): Portsmouth & Sheet Turnpike Commissioners' Minute Book 1711-1754. Portsmouth Record Series. Volume 2
ALCOTT, Louisa M: Jo's Boys And How They Turned Out. LOVELY 1950's EDITION IN HARDBACK ALCOTT, WM. A: The Young Mother, Or Management of Children In Regard to Health. By... the author of the Young Man's Guide, and Editor of the Moral Reformer ALDIN, Cecil: Cathedrals and Abbey Churches of England. Illustrated by.
ALDIN, Cecil: Field Babies ALDIN, Cecil: Sleeping Partners A Series of Episodes ALDIN, Cecil: Zoo Babies. Pictured by.... With Short Interviews by G. E. Farrow
ALDISS, Brian: Remembrance Day. (SIGNED) ALDISS, Brian W: The Airs of Earth. Science Fiction Stories ALDRICH, Bess Streeter: Miss Bishop
ALEXANDER, Dorothy in collaboration with Walter L. Strauss: The German Single-Leaf Woodcut. 1600-1700. A Pictorial Catalogue in two volumes 1. A-N ALEXANDER, J. J. G. and DE LA MARE, A. C: The Italian Manuscripts in the Library of Major J. R. Abbey ALEXANDER, Lamar (Presented by): The Tennesseans. A People and Their Land. Photographed by Robin Hood. Text by Barry Parker
ALEXANDER, Sir Henry: The Cairngorms. Fourth Edition. A Major Revision by Adam Watson, with assistance from J.C.D Donaldson. I.H.M. Smart and G.S. Johnstone. Scottish Mountainerring Club District Guide Books ALFIERI, Vittorio: Del Principe e Delle Lettere, con Altre Prose ALFIERI, Vittorio: Satire e Poesie, Minori
ALI, Tariq: Pirates of the Caribbean. SIGNED Axis of Hope ALLCHIN, F.R: Neolithic Cattle-Keepers Of South India. A Study of the Deccan Ashmounds ALLDERIDGE, Patricia: Bethlem Hospital 1247-1997. A Pictorial Record. (SIGNED PRESENTATION COPY)
ALLEN, Glen: Night Raiders ALLEN, Peter: Famous Fairways. A Look at the World of Championship Courses. ALLEN, Philip Schuyler (Stories by). MOE, Louis. (Pictures by): Three Roly-Poly Piglets
ALLEN, Rosemary: Gargoyles ALLFREE, P.S: Hawks of the Hadhramaut ALY, Gotz and HEIM, Susanne: Architects of Annihilation. Auschwitz and the Logic of Destruction
AMBLER, Eric: Intrigue. Four Great Spy Novels of ... With an Introduction by Alfred Hitchcock AMEDEO, H. R. H. Prince Luigi Amedeo di Savoia, Duke of the Abruzzi. DE FILIPPI, Filippo (Narrated by): The Ascent of Mount St. Elias. [Alaska]. Narrated by Filippo de Filippi. Illustrated by Vittorio Sella and Translated by Signora Linda Villari with The Author's Supervision AMIN, Mohammed, WILLETTS, Duncan, FARROW, Bendan: Lahore
AMIS, Kingsley: A Frame of Mind. Eighteen Poems AMIS, Kingsley, GOLDING, William, INGLIS, Brian et al: John Bull's Schooldays AMMAN, Jost: Kunst und Lehrbuchlein. Notes and Introduction by Eric Quayle
AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL: Prison Conditions in Paraguay. Conditions for Political Prisoners. A factual report compiled by Amnesty International AN OCTOGENARIAN. (SHAKESPEARE): New Masks to Old Faces ANAND, Mulk Raj: Folk Tales of Punjab
ANAND, Mulk Raj. Introductory essay by Eric Gill: The Hindu View of Art ANCEL, Marc: Social Defence. A Modern Approach to Criminal Problems. By... With a Foreword by Leon Radzinowicz, translated by J.Wilson ANCESSI, V: Atlas Geographique et Archeologique pour l'etude de L'Ancien et du Nouveau Testament
ANDERSEN, Hans Christian: The Tinder Box. Retold By Joan Cherry. Illustrated by Lucien Lowen ANDERSEN, Hans Christian: The Ugly Duckling. etc.etc. Illustrated by E. J. Andrews, Elsie Blomfield Etc., Etc ANDERSEN, P. CHR: The Olympic Winter Games. Oslo 1952
ANDERSON, John: Catalogue and Handbook of the Archaeological Collections in the Indian Museum. Part II ANDERSON, M. D: Animal Carvings in British Churches ANDREE, S. A. STRINDBERG, Nils, FRAENKEL, Knut: Per Balono al la Poluso. La Polusekspedicio de Andree en 1897... El la Sveda Tradukis Stellan Engholm
ANDREWS, Jonathan, BRIGGS, Asa, PORTER, Roy, TUCKER, Penny and WADDINGTON, Keir: The History of Bethlem ANDREWS, William: Curious Church Customs and Cognate Subjects. Edited by... ANON: An Account of the Pleasure Tours in Scotland. Illustrated by Maps, Views of Remarkable Buildings, &c. With an Itinerary
ANON: Away From Home; or, Sights and Scenes in Other Lands. A Book for the Young ANON: Baby Bosh By The Sea ANON: Central Africa In Picture
ANON: A Collection of all the Statutes Now in Force Relating to the Duties upon Candles, Leather, Sope, Paper, Silks, Callocoes, &c. and upon Starch, and Gilt and Silver Wire, and Wrought Plate. With An Abridgment of the said Statutes, and a Table of the Rates upon the several Commodities shewing by what Acts they are Imposed ANON: The Congregational Magazine, 1841. New Series. Vol. V ANON: The Favourite Book of Alphabets. Alphabet of Beasts. Alphabet of Birds. Alphabet of Horses and Dogs.. Seaside Alphabet. Scripture Alphabet
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