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Barry Cassidy Rare Books Authors

Albers Bros Milling Co Finch Van Slyck&McConville May-Jane Novelty Co
Marathon Mfg Co American Aluminum Mfg Co Valley Oil Company
Mike Healy Mexia Pool The Bissinger Hat Manufacturing Company The Florsheim Shoe Company
The Fleischmann Company Fitzgerald Edward Nathan George Jean
Le Gallienne Richard Stanford Ann William Stafford Howard Baker Clinton Williams Myron Broomell Harold witt Alan Stephens George Elliott Leonard Nathan Various
Anonymous Stephens James Sanz Jose
Knower Daniel Strickland Agnes Knopf Alfred A
Murray Robert A White Andrew Dickson Axton Stockton Kenyon Cox G Stanley Hall and Oliver S Tonks
Dewick The Rev E S Gunsky Fred and Mary Griffith Editors Gordan John D
Garroway Will Mangourit M O B Maxim Hudson
Dean Priscilla Ward Mrs Humphry Wentworth Trelawny
Everson William Weller Fontunella A Rea Florence P
None Tennyson Lord Alfred Butler Benjamin
Russell John Napoleon III Day Dr David
Gladstone William E Beecher Henry Ward Frederick Charles German Emperor
Spencer Rev Joseph Cobden Richard Sheridan Thomas
McCarthy Joe Straus Oscar Yeats W B
Dunbar Paul Laurence Mawson Sir Douglas Browne Charles
Greeley Horace Saxe John Godfrey Frothingham Octavius Brooks
Zerrahn Carl Eichberg Julius Irving Washington
Everett Edward Longfellow Henry Wadsworth Bull Ole
Whittier John Greenleaf NO AUTHOR de Saint-Exupery Antoine
Dulac Edmund Lawrence T E Niel P G J
Strang William Crittenden Mrs John J Patti Adelina
Curtis George Wiiliam Bryant William Cullen Tyng Stephen H
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