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CLOPPENBURG, Johannes: Asia OGILBY, John: Kings Lynn to Harwich MEISNER, Daniel: Aden in Arabia
LAPLACE, Cyrille Pierre T: Port-Louis a l'Ile de France LAPLACE, Cyrille Pierre T: Port-Louis (Ile de France) BRAUN, George - HOGENBERG, Frans: Ancona Civitas Piceni Celeberrima, ad Mare Adriaticum Posita
ORTELIUS, Abraham: Bavariae olim Vindeliciae Delineationis Compendium BRAUN, George - HOGENBERG, Frans: Bardewick SELLER, John - GROSE, Francis: Isle of Wight
BLOME, Richard & BAKEWELL, Thomas: Hundreds in the county of Glocester RICHARDSON, Thomas Miles: View of Port & Town of Newcastle Upon Tyne COWLEY, John - DODSLEY, Robert: An Improved map of Norfolk
SAXTON, Christopher - KIP, William: Warwici Comitatus a cornauus olim inhabitatus MERCATOR, Gerard - PTOLEMY, Claudius: Eur: V Tab: CLOPPENBERG, Johannes: Russia cum Confinns
HOMANN HEIRS: Carte Nouvelle de l'Isle de Cadix & du Detroit de Gibraltar MERIAN, Matthaus: Freyburg in Uchtland WALKER, John & Charles: North Africa or Barbary IV Tripoli
WALKER, John & Charles: North Africa or Barbary III Tunis and Tripoli WALKER, John & Charles: North Africa or Barbary I Marocco WALKER, John & Charles: Ancient Africa or Libya
SELLER, John: Buckingamiae Comitatus vulgo Buckingham Shire SPEED, John: A New and Accurat Map of the World Drawne According to ye Truest Descriptions Latest Discoveries & Best Observations yt have beene Made by English or Strangers MUNSTER, Sebastian: Von de Statt Zurich
SELLER, John: The Sea Coast of Barbary From Cape de Tenes to Cape de Rosa SPEED, John: Bohemia MORDEN, Robert: Oxfordshire
MORDEN, Robert: Episcopatus Dunelmensis Vulgo The Bishoprick of Durham MORDEN, Robert: Lincolnshire MORDEN, Robert: Wiltshire
MORDEN, Robert: Worcestershire ORTELIUS, Abraham: Poictou. Pictonum Vicinarumque Regionum Fidiss Descriptio .. ORTELIUS, Abraham: Lorraine. Lotharingiae Nova Descriptio
MERCATOR, Gerard - PTOLEMY, Claudius: Europ: IIII Tab: THOMSON, John: Spanish North America LAURIE, Robert - WHITTLE, James: A New Chart for Sailing Between the Straits of Sunda or Batavia and the Straits of Banca and Gaspar
FADEN, William: Lower Egypt and the Adjacent Deserts, with a Part of Palestine; to which has been Added the Nomenclature of the Roman Age, MDCCCII. London Published by William Faden Jan 1st 1802 D'APRES DE MANNEVILLETTE, Jean B. P. D: Carte Des Isles Nicobar MUNSTER, Sebastian: Bern in der Endegnoschafft ..
FADEN, William: A Map of the Kingdom of Denmark with the Duchy of Holstein .. ORTELIUS, Abraham: Valentiae Regni, olim Contestanorum si Ptolimaeo, Edetanorum si Plinio Credimus Typus GOOS, Pieter: Pas-Kaarte van de Zuyd-west-Kust van Africa; van Cabo Negro tot Beoosten Cabo de Bona Esperanca
SEALE, Richard William: A Correct Chart of the German Ocean From the North of Scotland to the Start Point, on the Coast of Great Britain MUNSTER, Sebastian: La figure de la place ou sut iadiz la cite de Romme avec ses portes .. SANSON, Nicolas: Turcomanie Georgie Commanie
HARRISON, John: A New Chart of the Caspian Sea, from the Original by D'Anville MUNSTER, Sebastian: Asia Minore STEEN, C: Nyeste Grundtegning af Kiobenhavn
HOMANN, Johann Baptist: Tabula Marchionatus Brandenburgici et Ducatus Pomeraniae quae sunt Pars Septentrionalis Circuli Saxoniae Superioris .. HOMANN, Johann Baptist: Typus Geographicus Ducat. Lauenburgici DANCKERTS, Justus: Novissima Regnorum Portugalliae et Algarbiae Descriptio Emendata a. I. Danckerts
QUAD, Matthias: Elsatia Superior, Ober Elsas D'APRES DE MANNEVILLETTE, Jean B. P. D: Nouveau Plan des Detroits, Situes a l'Est de Java et de Madura, Nommes Communement les Detroits de Bali et d'entre Pondi et Respondi .. DUDLEY, Sir Robert: Carta Particolare del Mare di Ethiopia con l'Isola di S. Elena e Parte della Costa ..
VAN KEULEN, Gerard: A New Gradnally Encreasnig Compass-Map, of the Coming in of the Heads; Containing a Part of the Coass of Boulonnois; extending from Callis to Dannes, as also in England from the South Foreland to Rye .. DURAND-BRAGER, Jean Baptiste Henri: Soujak-Bay THOMSON, John: (The Atlas of Scotland)
KITCHIN, Thomas - JEFFERYS, Thomas: The Small English Atlas, being A New and Accurate Sett of Maps of All the Counties in England and Wales BLAEU, Joan: Comitatus Northantonensis vernacule Northamton Shire BLAEU, Joan: Leicestrensis Comitatus. Leicester Shire
BLAEU, Joan: Herefordia Comitatus. Herefordshire MOLL, Herman: Glostershire SAXTON, Christopher - KIP, William: Bedford Comitatus olim pars Cathifuclanorum
SAXTON, Christopher - KIP, William: Essexia Comitatus DRAYTON, Michael: (Dorset, Hampshire & Isle of Wight) BLOME, Richard: A General Map of Dorsetshire
NORDEN, John - KIP, William: Hertfordiae Comitatus .. SAXTON, Christopher - HOLE, William: Northumbriae Comitatus BOWEN, Emanuel: Somersetshire Divided into its Hundreds
MOLL, Herman: Suffolk MOLL, Herman: Shropshire MOLL, Herman: Worcestershire
BLOME, Richard: A Mapp of the County of Warwick BOWEN, Emanuel & KITCHIN, Thomas: Worcestershire Divided into Hundreds BLOME, Richard: A Mapp of the County of Rutland
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