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James, Donald & Barwick, Tony: SHADOW OF THE WOLF Deverell, William: NEEDLES Levin, Ira: THIS PERFECT DAY
Day, Stacey B: EDWARD STEVENS Gastric Physiologist, Physician and American Statesman Wadsworth, Phyllis: YOUNG MISS ISOTOPE Golding, Louis: THE MIRACLE BOY
Marsh, Arthur and Victoria Ryan: HISTORICAL DIRECTORY OF TRADE UNIONS Volume 1 - Non-Manual Unions Porter, Joyce: NEITHER A CANDLE NOR A PITCHFORK Charlton Laird: THUNDER ON THE RIVER
Williamson, Paul: PRICE OF ADMISSION, OR, THE BIRTH OF A LAWYER Carney, Otis: WHEN THE BOUGH BREAKS Sugden, David E. and Brian S. John: GLACIERS AND LANDSCAPE A Geomorphological Approach
Lewis, J. David and Richard L. Smith: AMERICAN SOCIOLOGY AND PRAGMATISM Mead, Chicago Sociology & Symbolic Interaction Proudfoot, Rev. J. J. A: SYSTEMATIC HOMILETICS Dennis, Patrick: AROUND THE WORLD WITH AUNTIE MAME
Ellefson, Connie; Stephens, Tom; Welsh, Doug: XERISCAPE GARDENING Water Conservation for the American Landscape Fox, John, As Told To Goodchild, Roland: AFGHAN ADVENTURE Watson, Sheila: FIVE STORIES
Lehmann, Jean-Pierre: THE IMAGE OF JAPAN From Feudal Isolation to World Power 1850-1905 Terman, Lewis M: THE MEASUREMENT OF INTELLIGENCE An Explanation of and a Complete Guide for the Use of the Stanford Revision and Extension of the Binet-Simon Intelligence Scale Wall, Mervyn: LEAVES FOR THE BURNING
Hainson, Margaret: NEVER SPREAD LIKE MARMALADE Stories of Wit and Humour Emyr Humphreys: THE GIFT Sanford, Agnes: ROUTE 1
Dumitriu, Petru: THE SARDINIAN SMILE Derby, Mark (Aka Harry Wilcox): MALAYAN ROSE Doody, Margaret: ARISTOTLE DETECTIVE
Evans, Alan: BANNON Fisher, Ed: WINE, WOMEN, AND WOAD - A Tale of Decadent Rome Parrott, Cecil: THE SERPENT AND THE NIGHTINGALE Memoirs of a Former British Diplomat
Clark, Catherine Anthony: THE DIAMOND FEATHER Or the Door in the Mountain - a Magic Tale for Children Kassell, Hilda: STITCHES IN TIME The Art and History of Embroidery Hutchison, Stewart: SCULLY'S LUGS
Rogers, David: OH, EDEN! A Zany Love Story, the Play They Nearly Banned in New York Lemke, Dieter M. D: MAN NO BE GOD Bushdoctor in Cameroon Gilmer, Ann: SKYSCRAPER NURSE
Byfield, Ted: THE BOOK OF TED Epistles from an Unrepentant Redneck Lavender, David: WINNER TAKE ALL: The Trans-Canada Canoe Trail Fairlie, Gerard: CALLING BULLDOG DRUMMOND
Berridge, Elizabeth: SING ME WHO YOU ARE Croxford, Leslie: SOLOMON'S FOLLY Wilkinson, Alta. R: OTTAWA TO CAEN Letters from Arthur Campbell Wilkinson
Troy, Una: THE OTHER END OF THE BRIDGE Roberts, Julian: A CASE OF GIVE A DOG Eaton, Sara: LADY OF THE BACKWOODS A Biography of Catharine Parr Trail
Rodgers & Hammerstein: THE KING AND I A New Musical Play Sterbenz, Carol Endler: THE GNOMES BOOK OF CHRISTMAS CRAFTS Arbiter, Petronius: SATYRICA
Walker, Oliver: KAFFIRS ARE LIVELIER Goldman, William: THE THING OF IT IS Badami, Anita Rau: TAMARIND MEM Signed by Author
Wallace, Jane: THE DREAMING TOWERS Westwood, Gwen: THE GENTLE DOLPHIN Irvin, Dick: BEHIND THE BENCH Coaches Talk about Life in the NHL
Jackson, Paul; A'Court, Angela; Elliot, Marion: THE ULTIMATE PAPERCRAFT AND ORIGAMI BOOK Jacobs, Frank: CATTLE AND US Frankly Speaking Barnes-Svarney, Patricia: The Oryx Guide to Natural History - The Earth and all its Inhabitants
Hutchison, George & wallace, dick: GRASSY NARROWS. Mercury Poison Crisis in an Ojibway Community Bowen Ingram: LIGHT AS THE MORNING Tuttle, Anthony: THIS TIME IN TWILIGHT
Brine, Patricia: BAFFLING BAGATELLES Clark, Stuart: LANGUAGES OF WITCHCRAFT Narrative, Ideology and Meaning in Early Modern Culture Strayer, Robert W: THE MAKING OF THE MODERN WORLD Connected Histories, Divergent Paths, 1500 to the Present
Knight, Damon, editor: SCIENCE FICTION OF THE 30'S Kobie, Franklin: PYRAMID OF GREED Mitchell, Yvonne: GOD IS INEXPERIENCED
Ferguson, Will: HITCHING RIDES WITH BUDDHA Uncorrected Proof Parkin, Andrew: THE DRAMATIC IMAGINATION OF W. B. YEATS Peggy Holmes: IT COULD HAVE BEEN WORSE The Autobiography of a Pioneer
Freeman, Paul editor: HUMAN RIGHTS AND CITIZENSHIP THROUGH THE EYES OF ARTISTS Kerr, Philip: DEAD MEAT Langrick, Roger: THE NEEDLE GAME One Man's Life in the World of Professional Acupuncture
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