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Haines, W B: The Uses and Control of Natural Undergrowth on Rubber Estates: Planting Manual No.6 McDonald, J G: Rhodes A Life Al Yahya, Mohammad Abdul Rahman: Kuwait : Fall and Rebirth
Dallin,David J: The Rise of Russia in Asia David, A. Rosalie: The Pyramid Builders of Ancient Egypt : A Modern Investigation of Pharaoh's Workforce Dewar, George A B: Illustrated by R W A Rouse and Ralf Hodgson: endpapers and cover by Arthur Rackham: Haddon Hall Library: Wild Life in Hampshire Highlands
Dukes, Sir Paul: The Yoga of Health, Youth and Joy : A Treatise on Hatha Yoga Adapted to the West Edited by Sir Harry Wilson KCMG and H T Montague Bell: United Empire - The Royal Colonial Institute Journal, War Number, August 1915, Vol VI (New Series) No 8 Kenya Shell: Forward by Peter Scott: Illustrated by Rena M Fennessy: Shell Guide to East African Birds
Kincaid, Dennis: British Social Life in India 1608 - 1937 Lee, J M: African Armies and Civil Order - Studies in International Security:13 Liu, Gretchen: Photographs Raghu Rai and Albert Lim K S: Raffles Hotel
Meyer, Karl: The Dust of Empire: The Race for Supremacy in the Asia Heartland Moribana & Heikwa: Selected Flower Arrangements of The Ohara School Mutwa, Credo: Let Not my Country Die
Ogilvie Will H., Illustrated by Lionel Edwards: Scattered Scarlet Porter, Michael E: Takeuchi, Hirotaka: Sakakibara, Mariko: Can Japan Compete? Price, Bob: What did you do in the War, Grandpa? - Memories of a young Gunner
Richardson, Emeline: The Etruscans: Their Art and Civilisation Roberts, Brian: The Zulu Kings Shepherd, Naomi: The Zealous Intruders: From Napoleon to the Dawn of Zionism - The Explorers, Archeaologists, Artists, Tourists, Pilgrims, and Visionaries who opened Palestine to the West
Spink & Son, Ltd: Octagon, Autumn 1990, Volume XXVII Tarbush, Mohammad, A (foreword by A.H.Hourani): The Role of the Military in Politics: A Case Study of Iraq to 1941 Timlin, William M (Artist); Introductory text by Gilbert W Chittenden: South Africa: A Series of Pencil Sketches by William M Timlin
Tully, Dennis: Culture and Context in Sudan: the Process of Market Incorporation in Dar Masalit, Upton,Oliver (inscribed and signed by 'author'): The Patriot Williams, J G and Arlott, N: Illustrated by Williams, J G and Mrs R Fennessy: A Field Guide to the Birds of East and Central Africa
Young, Frances Brett; Engravings by Joan Hassall: Portrait of a Village Enriquez, Major C. M: Illustrated by K.F. Barker: Khyberie - The Story of a Pony on the Indian Frontier Bouzereau, Laurent & Duncan, Jody: Star Wars: Episode 1, The Making of The Phantom Menace ( Special Collector's Limited Edition)
Zeng, Kangmin: Dragon Gate: Competitive Examinations and their Consequences Coopooswamey: Every-day Life in South India. The Story of Coopooswamey. An Autobiography Gimlette, John D: Malay Poisons and Charm Cures
Jwa, Sung-Hee: The Evolution of Large Corporations in Korea: A New Institutional Economics Perspective of the Chaebol The Railway Magazine: The Railway Magazine, Vol.96 No 588, April 1950 (includes article: The Kenya-Uganda Railway Farrell, Anne: Illustrated by Astra Lacis: The Calf on Shale Hill
Thorne, Roy: Penarth - A History Grant, James: Cassell's Illustrated History of India - Volumes 1 and 2 Gunn, Fenja: Lost Gardens of Gertrude Jekyll
Stuart Cloete - signed First Edition: African Portraits (signed first edition) - A biography of Paul Kruger, Cecil Rhodes and Lobengula Newell, Frederick : Forward by Rogers, Martha: Shillington, Kevin: An African Adventure: A Brief Life of Cecil Rhodes
Morris, Frank: The First 100 : a History of the London Scottish Football Club Harunobu - exhibition commemorating 200th anniversary of his death Lakeman, Albert : Drawings by T. Raffles DAVISON: Concrete Cottages, Bungalows and Garages (limited edition 2000 copies)
Sotheby's Hong Kong: Important Chinese Snuff Bottles from the Kaynes-Klitz Collection, Part 1 Anderson, W (Forward): Twelve Under Fours: An informal history of the Selangor Golf Club: Diamond Jubillee 1953 Bergman, Sten: In Korean Wilds and Villages
Bloomsbury Auctions: The Richard Lobel Collection, Thursday 25th January 2007 Grahame, Major Iain : Illustrations by Sheila Rogers: Forward by The Rt. Hon. The Lord Howick of Glendale formerly The Governor of Kenya, as Sir Evelyn Baring, 1952-59: Jambo Effendi: Seven years with the King's African Rifles (K A R) Kelman, John (described by) Fullylove, John (illustrator): The Holy Land
Mattock, Katherine: This is Hong Kong: The Story of Government House Day, Adela M: Forward by Lady Phyllis Coryndon: Sunshine and Rain in Uganda Baker, Herbert J: Children of Rhodesia
Gale, W D: Heritage of Rhodes (Signed by author) Ingrams, Harold, Forward by RT Hon Sir Winston Churchill, Illustrated by Anthony Levett-Prinsep: Uganda: A Crisis of Nationhood Campbell, Guy: The Charging Buffalo: A History of the Kenya Regiment 1937-1963
Collins, Joan (Ed): I Could Have Told You: A Scrapbook of 50 Years of Change in Penarth, from members of Penarth Past Oral Society; Part 1 Absent Friends Harlan, George H and Fisher, Clement Jr (signed dedication by Fisher): Of Walking Beams and Paddle Wheels (A chronicle of San Francisco Bay Ferryboats) Anwar, Ibrahim: The Asian Renaissance
Ejalu, Ateker (Editor): Thoughts of an African Leader: Quotable quotes from the speeches of His Excellency the President of Uganda, Dr A Milton Obote GRIFFITHS, Sir Percival J: A History of the Joint Steamer Companies Cobbold, Lady Evelyn: Kenya The Land of Illusion
Kynaston, David: The City of London, Vol III (3) :Illusions of Gold. Hill, M F: Permanent Way: The Story of the Kenya and Uganda Railway - being the official history of the development of the transport system in Kenya and Uganda Peebles, Patrick: The Plantation Tamils of Ceylon (New Historical Perspectives on Migration)
Robinson, Spencer (Editor): Introduction by Sir Denys Roberts: A History of Hong Kong Cricket Club 1851 - 1989 Jackson, D S (Ed.): The New Zealand Journal of Forestry , Vol VIII, No 3, 1961 Ghosh, Parimal: Brave Men of the Hills : Resistance and Rebellion in Burma 1825-1932
Wrigley, Christopher: Kingship and State, The Buganda Dynasty: African Studies Series 88 Ching, Henry: Pow Mah. A Historical Sketch of Horse and Pony Racing in Hong Kong and of the Royal Hong Kong Jockey Club Egerton, Robert B: Like Lions they Fought: the Zulu War and the Last Black Empire in Africa
Jex-Blake, A J (Editor): Illustrated by Joy Adamson: Gardening in East Africa Bere, R M (Forward); Beaton, K de P (Forward to first edition): Capt. C R S Pitman and others: Uganda National Parks Old Penarthians R F C: Seven-a-Side Tournament: 43rd Annual Invitation Tournament: Saturday 23rd May 1992
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