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Mcmillan, Terry: Waiting to Exhale Bell, Madison Smartt: The Washington Square Ensemble Karpun, Alexei: Russian Jewellery: Mid-19th Century - 20th Century
Taylor, John Russell: Edward Wolfe Jones, Richard Glyn (ed.): This Fish Is Loaded: The Book of Surreal and Bizarre Humour Doig, Ivan: Ride with Me, Mariah Montana
Eggen, Arne Petter & Bjorn Normann Sandaker: Steel, Structure, and Architecture: A Survey of the Material and Its Applications Kapleau, Philip: Awakening to Zen: The Teachings of Roshi Philip Kapleau Beaton, Alan: Left Side, Right Side: A Review of Laterality Research
Keenan, Hugh T. (ed.): Dearest Chums and Partners: Joel Chandler Harris's Letters to His Children. a Domestic Biography Sullivan, Robert R: Political Hermeneutics: The Early Thinking of Hans-Georg Gadamer Barbash, Shepard: Oaxacan Woodcarving: The Magic in the Trees
Bickerton, Derek: Language and Human Behavior Lamm, Leonard Jonathan: The Idea of the Past: History, Science, and Practice in American Psychoanalysis Fetherolf, Grace Moser: James Henry Moser: His Brush and His Pen
Hollander, John: Tales Told of the Fathers Paz, Octavio: Early Poems, 1935-1955 Cash, Jonathan: The Very Last Gambado
Hearon, Shelby: Five Hundred Scorpions Brooks, John H: Highlights: Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institure Adair, Virginia Hamilton: Ants on the Melon: A Collection of Poems
Morgan, Fredrick: Death Mother and Other Poems Shivers, Louise: A Whistling Woman Pett, Stephen: Pulpit of Bones
Karlsruhe. Badisher Kunstverein: Marcel Odenbach: Stehen Ist Nichtumfallen. Videobander, Video-Installationen und Zeichnungen Lileyko, Jerzy: A Companion Guide to the Royal Castle in Warsaw Thomas, Ross: The Money Harvest
Washington. Library of Congress: Americana in Children's Books: Rarities from the 18th and 19th Centuries Byrd, Rudolph P: Jean Toomer's Years with Gurdjieff: Portrait of an Artist 1923-1936 Fuchs, Eduard: Der Maler Daumier
Kuhns, William: Movies in America Kreytenberg, Gert: Orcagna's Tabernacle in Orsanmichele, Florence Diselvestro, Roger L: Fight for Survival: A Companion to the Audubon Television Specials
Barsam, Richard Meran: In the Dark: A Primer for the Movies Brosnan, John: Future Tense: The Cinema of Science Fiction Berry, Cicely: Voice and the Actor
Gardella, Peter: Innocent Ecstasy: How Christianity Gave America an Ethic of Sexual Pleasure Rowdon, Maurice: The Silver Age of Venice Jubak, Jim: In the Image of the Brain: Breaking the Barrier Between the Human Mind and Intelligent Machines
Roberts, Julian: The Logic of Reflection: German Philosophy in the Twentieth Century Perry, George: Hitchcock Wilson, Richard Guy & Sidney K. Robinson (eds.): Modern Architecture in America: Visions and Revisions
Allen, Brian: Francis Hayman Feder, Norman: American Indian Art Vanderhaeghe, Guy: Homesick
Schatell, Brian: Sam's No Dummy, Farmer Goff Scott, Joanna: Various Antidotes Thornton, Willis: Newton D. Baker and His Books
Bates, Arthenia J: Seeds Beneath the Snow: Vignettes from the South Hillerman, Tony & Rosemary Herbert (eds.): The Oxford Book of American Detective Stories Dalladay, Arthur J. (ed.): The British Journal Photographic Almanac and Photographer's Daily Companion ... 1954
Downey, Claire: Neo-Furniture Caradente, Giovanni (Intro By): Caro at the Trajan Markets, Rome Dolcini, Loretta (ed.): Verrocchio's Christ and St. Thomas: A Masterpiece of Sculpture from Renaissance Florence
De Long, David G. (ed.): Frank Lloyd Wright: Designs for an American Landscape 1922-1932 Mendelsohn, Roy: How Can Talking Help? an Introduction to the Technique of Analytic Therapy Lewin, Roger A: Compassion: The Core Value That Animates Psychotherapy
Bauer, Gregory P: The Analysis of the Transference in the Here and Now Prozan, Charlotte Krause: Feminist Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Washington. Renwick Gallery: Skilled Work: American Craft in the Rewick Gallery
Page, Norman: A Dickens Chronology Applewhite, E.J: Paradise Mislaid: Birth, Death and the Human Predicament of Being Biological Phillips-Birt, Douglas: A History of Seamanship
Liberman, Alexander: Campidoglio: Michelangelo's Roman Capitol Weiss, Irving & Anne D: Reflections on Childhood: A Quotations Dictionary Ames, Kenneth L. & Gerald W.R. Ward (eds.): Decorative Arts and Household Furnishings in America 1650-1920: An Annotated Bibliography
Dudley, Elizabeth C. (ed.): The Unity of Evolutionary Biology: Proceedings of the Fourth International Congress of Systematic & Evolutionary Biology (2 Vol) Desmond, Robert W: Windows on the World: World News Reporting 1900-1920 Desmond, Robert W: Crisis and Conflict: World News Reporting Between Two Wars 1920-1940
Desmond, Robert W: The Information Process: World News Reporting to the Twentieth Century Slobodkin, Lawrence B: Simplicity and Complexity in Games of the Intellect Kuberski, Philip: A Calculus of Ezra Pound: Vocations of the American Sign
Scott, Joanna: The Closest Possible Union Hellige, Joseph B: Hemispheric Asymmetry: What's Right and What's Left Vallier, Dora: Henri Rousseau
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