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Carmichael Patrick H Callaghan Morley Pries George David
[Baldur Hospital History Committee] Paquette A J Yuzuk Paul Douglas Kemp
[Khartum Temple] Shields Carol [The Historical and Scientific Society of Manitoba]
Hunter Andrew Benson Charles Hall Frank A E Brown Linda McDowell Joy Cooper Louella Friesen and Barry Potyondi eds
Elmes James [East St Paul] Baker W King
MacFarlane Lynn Giorgio Sacerd Joan Bapt de Gunderson Harald
[No author indicated] Garwood Darrell O' Neal William B ed
NO AUTHOR Robertson Heather with Clark Hopper and Verna Neufeld O'Leary Cornelius
Kennedy William Sloane Dormuth K W and P A Gillespie Atomic Energy of Canada Limited Mackail J W and Guy Wyndham
Stogdale Lea Stewart Regina Serniak Foreword by Jack Stewart Snowden Philip
Angus H F ed Teaching Staff Department of Art and Design University of Alberta Thompson Thelma B
The Icelandic Canadian Scudder Samuel Hubbard Einarsson Gudmundur Oskar og Sigursteinn Einarsson Gormali writtenby Franklin Johnson
Falconer D W Cleveland William Montgomery W
McLeod Joseph Gauvin Marshall J Keys Dick and Ken Smith
[Henderson Directories] Simpson W Douglas ed Kallay Karol
Hicks E L Sir C T Newton ed Thomas W H Griffith Martin E G
Mitchell Scott Johnpoll Bernard K von Finckenstein Maria ed
Ruth Roy H Arnaud Historical Committee Carmilly-Weinberger Moshe
Bourriau Janine Astthorsson Gisli F J
Brandt Di&Barbara Godard eds [The Sisters Faithful Companions of Jesus] Stouffer Garth and Gerry Stouffer
Shields Carol and Marjorie Anderson eds Davis Jonathan Belanger Alice
Simpson Eve Blantyre [History Book Committee at Neepawa Manitoba] Niverville District Historical Society
Elliott George West St Paul Centennial Committee International Labour Office
Morrison R I G and R K Ross eds Manuwal David A Harry R Carter Tara S Zimmerman and Dennis L Orthmeyer eds Dalby William
Bevers Holm Perter Schatborn and Barbara Welzel Universalist Publishing House Agostini Chryssa Decker Kipp Mallary Schmidt Segal Sugarman Weinrib Wines
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