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Kimmel Fred N William Joyce Mrs Oliphant
Graham Don Gardner Ralph D Welch June Rayfield
Stratemeyer Edward Barnard Robert Abelson Philip H
Calisse Fabrizio Kerr Rita Eakin Edwin M Robert M Utley
Seal Jeremy Boxtree Limited Staff Murbarger Nell
Remlap L T Miller Ernest C Hunter Fred
Abshire Richard Monroe Debra Martin Allana
Gantos Jack Hale Leon Elman Di
Johnson Jesse Jones-Hendrickson S B King Kathleen W
Norell Jeannette Marshall Evan Webb Paula
Kerr Rita Stark Henry Wells P Henry
Fitzpatrick Lorenzo Warren Patricia Nell Newhall Nancy Beaumont
Barcus Frank Ratigan William Shoffner Charles
Wyland Studios Staff Doyle Mark Bernard Lazare Foley Neil
Pankey Edgar&Libby Stonehouse Frederick Douglas Deborah
Anderson Terry Walker Robert H Skutch Alexander
McKuen Rod Swearingen Ann Alexander Allan C Kimball and Alice Lester
Roy Blount Jr Burnford Sheila Every Mary A Maverick and Geo Madison Maverick
Okoye Ifeoma Loetscher Hugo Kunsthaus Zurich Stiftung fur die Photographie Koock Mary Faulk
Mallalieu Huon Macdonald George Bridgwater William and Sherwood Elizabeth J
Simpson Sharon Weber with Lord J C Strong Tony Painter F V N
Quick Robert Hebert Lambray Maureen Lucas Marion Brunson
Sandra Brown Utley Robert M Adams Jimi B
Strause J Joyce William King Larry L
Potter E B Fox Ione Selman Dickens Charles
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