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Kimmel, Fred N: The Lincoln County Trilogy William Joyce: Santa Calls Mrs. Oliphant: Chronicles Of Carlingford
Graham, Don (Edited by): South By Southwest: 24 Stories from Modern Texas Gardner, Ralph D: Horatio Alger or the American Hero Era Welch, June Rayfield: Dave's Tune
Stratemeyer, Edward: Dave Porter at Star Ranch or the Cowboy's Secret Barnard, Robert: The Bones in the Attic Abelson, Philip H. (editor): Apollo 11: Lunar Science Conference
Calisse, Fabrizio: Houston Modern Tales: Recounts 1982-1997 Kerr, Rita; Eakin, Edwin M. (editor): Texas' First Lady : Margaret Lea Houston, Wife of the President Robert M. Utley: High Noon in Lincoln: Violence on the Western Frontier
Seal, Jeremy: A Fez of the Heart: Travels Around Turkey In Search of a Hat Boxtree Limited Staff (editor): Black and White Murbarger, Nell: Ghosts of the Glory Trail
Remlap, L.T: Grant and His Travels (2 Volumes) Miller, Ernest C: Remnants Hunter, Fred: Ransom at the Opera
Abshire, Richard: Dallas Drop Monroe, Debra: Newfangled Martin, Allana: Death of a Saint Maker
Gantos, Jack: Desire Lines Hale, Leon: A Smile from Katie Hattan and Other Natural Wonders Elman, Di: James Dean: Just Once More
Johnson, Jesse: Deathbed Jones-Hendrickson, S. B: Death on the Pasture King, Kathleen W: Maybelleen
Norell, Jeannette: From My Window: Beautiful Birds of Belgravia,Bipeds and Feathered Species Marshall, Evan: Stabbing Stephanie Webb, Paula: Domestic Life
Kerr, Rita: Texas' First Lady: Margaret Lea Houston, Wife of the President Stark, Henry: Views in Texas, 1895-96 Wells P. Henry: Fly-Rods & Fly-Tackle: Suggestions As To Their Manufacture And Use
Fitzpatrick, Lorenzo: To See, To Feel, To Care Warren, Patricia Nell: The Wild Man Newhall Nancy, Beaumont: Masters of Photography
Barcus, Frank: Freshwater, Fury Ratigan, William: Great Lakes Shipwrecks & Survivals Ratigan, William: Great Lakes Shipwrecks and Survivals
Shoffner, Charles: The Bird Book Wyland Studios Staff; Doyle, Mark: Celebrating 50 Whaling Walls Bernard, Lazare: Antisemitism: Its History and Causes
Foley, Neil: The White Scourge: Mexicans, Blacks, and Poor Whites in Texas Cotton Culture Pankey, Edgar & Libby: Love of the Land: The Pankeys of Orange County Stonehouse, Frederick: Isle Royale Shipwrecks
Douglas, Deborah: Stirring Prose: Cooking With Texas Authors Anderson, Terry: Eating Southern Style: A Taste of the South Walker, Robert H: Cincinnati and the Big Red Machine
Skutch, Alexander: A Naturalist on a Tropical Farm McKuen, Rod: And to Each Season.. Swearingen, Ann Alexander: My Heart's Memory
Allan C. Kimball and Alice Lester: The Legend of Fort Leaton Roy Blount Jr: Crackers: This Whole Many-Angled Thing of Jimmy, More Carters, Ominous LIttle Animals, Sad-singing Women, My Daddy and Me Burnford, Sheila Every: One Woman's Arctic
Mary A. Maverick and Geo. Madison Maverick: Memoirs of Mary A. Maverick Okoye, Ifeoma: Behind the Clouds Loetscher, Hugo; Kunsthaus Zurich; Stiftung fur die Photographie (Switzerland): Photographie in Der Schweiz Von 1840 Bis Heute: Photographie En Suisse De 1840 a Aujourd'hui = Photography in Switzerland, 1840 to Today
Koock, Mary Faulk: Cuisine of the Americas Mallalieu, Huon: The Illustrated History of Antiques : The Essential Reference for All Antique Lovers and Collectors Macdonald, George: The Fairy Fleet
Bridgwater, William and Sherwood, Elizabeth J: The Columbia Encyclopedia (In One Volume) Simpson, Sharon Weber with Lord, J. C: Consider the Lilies Strong, Tony: The Decoy
Painter, F.V.N: A History of Education Quick, Robert Hebert: Essays on Educational Reformers Lambray, Maureen: The American Film Directors
Lucas, Marion Brunson: Sherman and the Burning of Columbia Sandra Brown: Texas! Chase Utley, Robert M: The Last Days of Sioux Nation
Adams, Jimi B: The Hand of Yesterday Strause, J: Polyglot Pocket-Book Joyce, William: Snowie Rolie
King, Larry L: True Facts, Tall Tales & Pure Fiction Potter, E.B: The Naval Academy Illustrated History of the United States Navy Fox, Ione Selman: Dust on Shafts of Gold
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