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O'Brian Patrick: The Chian Wine and Other Stories Martyn, Wyndham: Anthony Trent Master Criminal Wynne, May (Mabel Winifred Knowles): Comrades from Canada
Johns, Capt W.E (William Earle): No Motive for Murder Doyle, Arthur Conan: His Last Bow (Sherlock Holmes) Trew, Antony: The Zhukov Briefing
Bush, Christopher: The Case of the Curious Client Pope Dudley: Ramage Gentle, Mary: The Architecture of Desire
Donachie, David (Tom Connery): An Element of Chance Dennison, Dorothy: In Spite of Miss Tweedle Llewellyn, Sam: Gurneys Revenge
Corbett, Edmund V. Edited and Introduced By:: Waves of Battle : Stirring Exploits of the War at Sea Brent-Dyer, Elinor M: Excitements at the Chalet School Robinson, Kim Stanley: Blue Mars
Tranter, Nigel: To the Rescue Dick, Philip K & Ray Nelson: The Ganymede Takeover Beresford, Elizabeth: Rose
Gunn, David: Alponse : The Story of a Seafaring Skunk Carter, Nicholas: Turncoat's Drum : The Shadow of the Crown #1 Cannam, Peggie: Black Fury
Potter, Jeremy: Disgrace & Favour Donachie, David (Tom Connery): The Devil's Own Luck Bird, Maria: Andy Pandy's Adventures
Hutchins, Pat: The Curse of the Egyptian Mummy Anno, Ralph: The Perrys and Puffin Francis, Dick Also Isaac Asimov, Berkley Mather, Eric Ambler: A Carrot for a Chestnut : The Singing Bell : Theres a Moral in it Somewhere :Appears in the May 1970 Argosy
Berrisford, Judith M: Ponies All Summer Graham, Winston: After the Act McBain, Ed: Calypso
Gervaise, Mary: The Painted Swan Acton C R: Exmoor Rover Vallance, Rosalind: Timmy Moves House
Cely, Capt Michael: Black Wings Johns, Capt W.E (William Earle): Champion of the Main Gilson, Major Charles: The Ghost Mountain
Hill, Lorna: Dancer's Luck (Dancers luck) Johns, Capt W.E (William Earle): Biggles in the Jungle Wynne, May (Mabel Winifred Knowles): Carol of Hollydene School
Brent-Dyer, Elinor M: Monica Turns Up Trumps Brent-Dyer, Elinor M: The Feud in the Fifth Remove Brent-Dyer, Elinor M: Shocks for the Chalet School
Tranter, Nigel: Pursuit : A Novel in the High Pyrenees Clifford, W G: The "Peeps" Series The British Army Duff, Douglas V: Operation Sunpower : A Jeremy Fowler Adventure
Hann, A C Osborn: Jane's First Term Saville, Malcolm: The Flying Fish Adventure Blyton, Enid: The Fifth Holiday Book
Marchant, Bessie (Elizabeth Marchant Comfort): An Island Heroine Vallance, Rosalind: Timmy in the Country Richards, Frank. Hamilton, Charles et al: Popular Story Book: The Bumper Book Series - 6
O'Faolain, Eileen: High Sang the Sword Welch, Ronald: The Galleon Legge, Helen: Conversations In The House Beautiful
Maxwell, John: H.M.S Bounty Heinrich, Willi: The Crumbling Fortress Gervaise, Mary: Topsy the Terrible
Rochester, George E (Geo G ): The Skywayman (Captain Robin Hood Skywayman) Boys Friend Library #409 Catherall, Arthur: A Wolf from the Sky Hill, Lorna: Dancing Peel
Chaundler, Christine: A Credit to Her House Treece, Henry: The Jet Beads Shaw, Jane: Threepenny Bit
Stranger, Joyce: The Curse of Seal Valley Higgins, Jack: In The Hour Before Midnight Saville, Malcolm: Not Scarlet But Gold (Lone Pine)
Tranter, Nigel: Mail Royal Flint, Eric; Roach, Richard: Forward the Mage Tranter, Nigel: The Enduring Flame
Meredith, Anne (Aka Anthony Gilbert , J Kilmeny Keith, Lucy Beatrice Malleson): Call Back Yesterday Pargeter, Edith (Ellis Peters): Warfare Accomplished . Volume 3 of the Eighth Champion of Christendom Walsh, J m: Bullets for Breakfast
Rae, Gwynedd: Mary Plain Goes to America Lyon, Elinor: We Daren't go a Hunting O'Brian, Patrick: Testimonies Audio Cassette's
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