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Central Africana Ltd Books

Abdallah, Yohanna B: The Yaos: Chiikala cha Wayao Anon: The History of Southern & Central Africa, its Topography, Geography, Natural Productions Etc Anon: The History of Southern & Central Africa
Anon: The Key to Central Africa: Have we found it? Ambali, Augustine : Thirty Years in Nyasaland Anderson, Andrew and Wall, Alfred H: A Romance of N'shabe being a Record of Startling Adventures in South Central Africa
Anderson-Morshead A E M : The Building of the "Chauncy Maples” Anderson-Morshead, A. E. M: Lady of the Lake; The Building of the Chauncy Maples; History of the Boat in the Lake 1902-1990 Ashley F.J. : With a Motor bike in the Bush
Ballantyne, M.M.S. & Shepherd, R.H.W (Editors): Forerunners of Modern Malawi: the Early Missionary Adventures of Dr James Henderson 1895-1898 Barnes, Bertram Herbert : Johnson of Nyasaland Belcher, Charles Frederic : The Birds of Nyasaland
Bellingham, William; Yarborough, J. Cooke (Editor) : The Diary of a Working Man (William Bellingham) in Central Africa Berry, W.T.C. : Before the Wind of Change Bishop (Smythies?) of the UMCA: A Journey from Zanzibar to Lake Nyassa and back in 1887
Boeder, Robert B: Malawi - (World Bibliographical Series) Blake, W.T. : Rhodesia and Nyasaland Journey Bridson, Mary : With the First Train into Nyasaland
Buchanan, John : The Shire Highlands (East Central Africa, Its Colony And Mission)
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