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Ellroy, James: Brown's Requiem Hibbard M.G: Boer War tribute medals Cartwright A.P: The Gold Miners
Immelman W.F.E. Professor C.L. Wicht and D.P. Ackerman: Our Green Heritage the south african book of trees Van Schoor A.M: Notes from my Diary Maugham W. Somerset: For Services Rendered a play in three acts
Zwi Rose: Another Year in Africa Maiden Cecil: The Song of Nefertiti Cabell James Branch: The Silver Stallion
Henry Marguerite: Gaudenzia Pride of the Palio Asimov Isaac: Fantastic Voyage Deighton Len: An Expensive Place to Die
Hiaasen Carl: Double Whammy Oates Joyce Carol: Them Wodehouse, P.G: Laughing Gas
Rendell Ruth: The Tree of Hands Henslow G: South African Flowering Plants for the use of beginners, students and teachers Currey, R.F: Rhodes University 1904-1970 a Chronicle
Janson, H.W: A History of Art Motley John Lothrop: The Rise of the Dutch Republic Maringer,Johannes & Hans-Georg Bandi: Art in the Ice Age. Spanish Levant Art . Arctic Art
Lovesey Peter: The Detective Wore Silk Drawers Prebble John: The Lion in the North Patel, Harshad: Vanishing Herds
Robinson Anthony: In the Cockpit Maxwell Arthur S: The Chidren's Hour with Uncle Arthur (Book One) Bryant Margot: Taking Stock: Johannesburg Stock Exchange-the first 100 years
Hanff Helene: The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street Lowry Malcolm: Hear us O Lord From Heaven Thy Dwelling Place Disraeli Benjamin: Tancred or the New Crusade
Boyes John: King of the Wa-Kikuyu Woodcock John: Wisden Cricketers Almanack 1985 Brazil Angela: The School in the South
Ellroy James: Blood on the Moon Godfrey, Denis: Antiques and Bygones Klingenstein, L: The Great Infanta Isabel Sovereign of the Netherlands
Forbes, Gordon: Goodbye to Some Rosenthal, Eric: Here are Diamonds Gardiner, Nancy: A Celebration of Roses for the South African Garden & Home
Church, Alfred J: Stories from the Greek Tragedians Sulc, Svetlana: An Individual with an Accent Owen, Henry: Gerald the Welshman
Mass Modern Chinese-English Dictionary Kent, Professor T.P: Essays & Improvisations Heery, George T: Time, Cost, and Architecture
Holme, C.G: Industrial Architecture Malherbe, V.C: What They Said 1795-1910, a selection of documents from south african history Gibbs, Peter: The History of the BSAP (British South Africa Police)
Essop, Ahmed: The Emperor Koopman, A.D. ; Nasser, M.E. ; Nel, J: The Corporate Crusaders Rappoport, A.S: Mediaeval Legends of Christ
Maude, Aylmer: A Short Life of Tolstoy Cameron-Dow, John: Two Oceans Marathon Barsky, Steven M: Small Boat Diving: A Guide to Buying, Outfitting, and Using Small Boats for Diving
Norman, Charles: African Angler Chapman, David: The Infiltrators Williams, Howard: Paradise Precarious
Gardner, Erle Stanley: The Case of the Careless Cupid Halliday, Brett: Framed in Blood Saroyan, William: Not Dying
Pierce, Stephen: Amazing Trading Plans Berger, Thomas: Killing Time Browning, Elizabeth Barrett: The Complete Poems of Elizabeth Barrett Browning (2 volumes)
Dick, William: Byron & His Poetry Bennett, Benjamin: Destiny Comes Too Soon Roberts, Brian: History of the Kimberley Club
Wodehouse, P.G: Mulliner Nights Bolitho, Hector: War in the Strand Matasek, Ray J: Commercial Art & Design
Little, Eric H: Liberty Men, Fall In! Stent, Dick ; Ramsay, Stewart ; Atkins, Peter: Pillar to Post Gray, Berkeley: Count Down for Conquest
Connell, Vivian: Corinna Lang, Goodbye Wilfred's Annual 1938 Birkinshaw, Philip: The Thinking Voice
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