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McCullough Colleen Price Anthony Patterson Richard North
Collins Jackie Battle Lois Steel Danielle
Isaac Asimov Scarborough George Tweedie Jill Golbitz Pat
Dexter Colin Morrison Toni Patterson James
Block Lawrence Bergon Frank Giles Janice Holt
Abe Kobo Appleton Victor Lake Charles
Carlstrom Nancy W White Gwen Petersham Maud&Miska
Shaw Arnold Pogany Elaine&Willy Myrick Mildred
Bailey Carolyn S Meader Stephen W Charles Robert H
Cooney Barbara Brooke L Leslie Lexau Joan M
Pinkwater Daniel Peters Ellis Fleischman Sid
Roberts Nora Norton Andre Ephron Delia
Read Miss HOLMES MARY J Beers V Gilbert
Freeman Mae&Ira Hughes Francine Ransome Arthur
Doman Bruce K Gackenbach Dick Chatalbash Ron
Brooke Leslie L Cole William Tan Amy
Sobol Donald Cameron Marie D Allen Jeffrey
Connelly Michael Ziner Feenie Crippando James
Cowcher Helen Tryon Leslie Keats Ezra Jack
Dumas Alexandre Freschet Bernice Goudey Alice E
Shields Carol Diggory Rockwell Anne Yolen Jane
Lowery Linda Goffstein M B Schulz Charles M
Walt Disney Company Hoffman Mary Rahn Joan Elma
Dillon Barbara Adoff Arnold Swift Hildegarde H
Hoover Helen Selsam Millicent E Wright Friere Foreman Michael
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