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Wood , John: America and The Daguerreotype: Wood , John: The Art of The Autochrome : The Birth of Color Photography Johnson , Drew / Eymann , Marcia . edited by: Silver and Gold: Cased Images of the California Gold Rush
Foresta , Merry A . / Wood , John: Secrets of The Dark Chamber: The Art of The American Daguerreotype Lowry , Bates / Lowry , Isabel Barrett: The Silver Canvas : Daguerreotype Masterpieces From The J.Paul Getty Museum Bannon , Anthony: The Photo-Pictorialists of Buffalo
Rinhart, Floyd and Marion: American Daguerreian Art Trachtenberg Alan: The American Image Weaver , Mike: Alvin Langdon Coburn: Symbolist Photographer
Szarkowski , John . edited: From The Picture Press Reid / Viskochil: Chicago and Downstate: Ill. as seen by the FSA photographers Rybakov , B.A. / photos by Karel Neubert: Treasures in the Kremlin
Stephen Proehl: Over New York : An Aerial View LEWINSKI Jorge: The Camera At War : War Photography From 1848 to the present day Lautuman , Victoria: The New Tattoo
Harris , Pamela: Faces of Feminism :Portraits of Women Across Canada McCelland , Nancy foreward by: Georgetown Houses of the Federal Period 1780-1830 Goldsmith , Arthur: The Camera And Its Images
Kezys , Algimantas: Chicago / Kezys Massis , Robert K. / Firestone , Jeffrey: The Last Court of Europe : A royal family Album 1860-1914 Dell'oso , Anna-Maria: The Last Frontier : Australia Wide
Gilbert , George: Collecting Photographica : The Images and Equipment of The First 100 Years Larkin , Oliver W: Art and Life in America Newhall , Beaumont & Nancy: Masters of Photography
Buckman , Rollin: The Photographic Work of Calvert Richard Jones Eterovic , Ivo: ZAGREB : An Intimate View Stern , Bert: BERT STERN: THE PHOTO ILLUSTRATION
Salmoral , Manuel Luccena: AMERICA 1492 :Portrait of a Continent Five Hundred Years Ago Cooper , Douglass: TOULOUSE - LAUTREC Steves , C.M. prof: THE TRUE STORY OF THE GREAT EUROPEAN WAR : Facts , explanations and Descriptions
Sealfon , Peggy: THE MAGIC OF INSTANT PHOTOGRAPHY : Success With Your Instant Camera Greeves , Lydia & Trinick , Micheal: THE NATIONAL TRUST GUIDE Wagner , Anne M: THREE ARTISTS ( Three Womaen ) : Modernism and The Art of Hesse , Krasner, and O'Keeffe
Celebonovic , Aleksa: SOME CALL IT KITSCH : Masterpieces of the Bourgeois Realism Mody , N.H.N: A COLLECTION OF NAGASAKI COLOR PRINTS AND PAINTINGS : Showing The influence of Chinese and European Art on That of Japan Scully , Vincent: PUEBLO : Mountain ,Village , Dance
Ford , Julia & Lamont , Thomas: PICTURES BY GEORGE FREDERICK WATTS Graham , Bruce: BRUCE GRAHAM OF SOM Nowik , William: WAR ASSETS DISPLAY ROOM : A Novel Series of Stories With Photographs , Illustrations , and Music .Volume One ( Signed )
Tracy , James D: TRUE OCEAN FOUND: Paludanus's Letters on Dutch Voyages to the Kara Sea 1595-1596 Stern , Lynn: DISPOSSESSION Warshaw , Matt: SURF RIDERS : In Search of The Perfect Wave
Leroux , Jackson & Freeman edited: INUIT WOMAN ARTISTS McQuiston , Don & debra: VISIONS OF THE NORTH : NATIVE ART OF THE NORTHWEST COAST Dunitz , Jay: PACIFIC LIGHT
Watkins , T.H: STONE TIME: Southern Utah A Portrait and A Meditation Theinhardt , M. & Varejka , P: PRAGUE : Hidden Splendors Sembach , Klaus Jurgen: ART NOUVEAU
Hobhouse , Janet: THE BRIDE STRIPPED BARE : The Artist and The Female Nude in The Twentieth Century Purdy , Ken: 1904 HANDBOOK OF GASOLINE AUTOMOBILES Knight , Christopher: THE BARRY LOWEN COLLECTION
Sothern , Edward H: THE MELANCHOLY TALE OF "ME" : My Remembrances Cullerton , Brenda: GEOFFREY BEENE Herr , Dan / Wells , Joel: CONTRASTS
Reynolds , Francis: THE UNITED STATES NAVY: From Revolution to Date March , Jan: PRE-RAPHAELITE WOMEM : Images of Femininity Antoine , Jean / Stern , Bernard: BERNARD STERN
McCarthy , Ann: THE GREAT LAKES Denkstein , Vladimir: HOLLAR : Drawings Throckmorton , Peter: THE SEA REMEMBERS : Shipwrecks and Archaeology
BJerre ,Jens: THE LAST CANNIBALS Miller , Robert: CLOCK GUIDE : Book One and Book Two Bruandet , Pierre: PHOTOGRAMS
Krainik , Clifford and Michele: Union Cases: A Collectors Guide to the Art of America's First Plastics Wood , John: The Photographic Arts Champollion , J: The World of the Egyptians
Marzio , Peter: A NATION OF NATIONS Myrdal , Jan / Kessle , Gun photography: CHINESE JOURNEY Reynolds , Francis: WORLD'S WAR EVENTS vol.#1 - #2 - #3
Abbott , Shirley: THE NATIONAL MUSEUM OF AMERICAN HISTORY Florin , Lambert: BOOT HILL : Historic Graves of The Old West Fagan , Brian: THE ADVENTURE OF ARCHAEOLOGY
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