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Goldring Books Authors

Stael-Holstein Baroness De Bicknell Anna L Kindersley Edward Cockburn
Orleans Duchesse D'-Mother of the Regent Mirabeau Count Anonymous
Griffin Gerald Cowles Virginia Lytton Sir Edward Bulwer
Croft-Cooke Rupert Esposito Mary Ann Bolton Sarah K
Oliphant Mrs Quanjer Johan H Pisistratus Caxton
Levy Lester S Fielding Henry Leech John
Batho Rosemary and Kay Judi and Waugh Bernice Schubert Franz Paine John Knowles and Thomas Theodore and Klauser Karl
Sakhai Essie Masters Anthony Sacks Oliver
Bain J Arthur Rosa Joseph G And Koop Waldo E Gibson Michael
Debraye Henry Pollard T E Montebello Philippe De
Rawlings Leo with Supporting Account By Bill Duncan Tutu Desmond Various
Kent Her Royal Highness Princess Michael of Garrett Richard Lee Laurie
McCartney Paul Rowland Denny Gifford Denis
Allen Thomas Gilbert W S Akhtar Miriam and Humphries Steve
Loades David Foster R F Torvill Jayne and Dean Christopher with Wilson Neil
Hunt Peter Valle Pietro Della Aslet Clive
Walsh Michael J Kissinger Henry Roberts Nigel
Johnston Kenneth R Cotterell Arthur Katz Robert and Dars Celestine
Reyner J H Ormond Mark Edwards Anne
Arnaud Claude Francis Claude and Gontier Fernande Lough John
Rousseau Jean Jacques Wilcocks Robert Howells Christina
Scriven Michael Wright Charles H C Bieber Konrad
Scribe Eugène Quinet Edgar Gobineau Comte De
Staël Madame De Madame De Stael Fénelon-Archevêque de Cambrai Fenelon Nerval Gérard
Weiss Jean-Jacques Augier Émile Augier Emile Marivaux Pierre De
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