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Stael-Holstein, Baroness De: Ten Years' Exile or Memoirs of That Interesting Period of the Life of Baroness De Stael-Holstein Written By Herself During the Years 1810,1811,1812 and 1813 Bicknell, Anna L: The Story of Marie Antoinette Kindersley, Edward Cockburn: The Chevalier Bayard (Pierre Du Terrail)
Orleans, Duchesse D' - Mother of the Regent: Secret Memoirs of the Court of Louis XIV and of the Regency Mirabeau, Count: Secret Memoirs of the Court of Berlin - or The Character of the King of Prussia, His Ministers, Mistresses, Generals, Courtiers, Favourites and the Royal Family Anonymous: Memoirs of the Court of Sweden and Denmark - During the Reigns of Christian VII of Denmark and Gustavus III and IV of Sweden
Griffin, Gerald: Gabriele D'Annunzio - The Warrior Bard Cowles, Virginia: The Rothschilds - A Family of Fortune Lytton, Sir Edward Bulwer: Alice or The Mysteries - A Sequel to "Ernest Maltravers"
Croft-Cooke, Rupert: Fall Of Man Esposito, Mary Ann: Ciao Italia - Traditional Italian Recipes From Family Kitchens Bolton, Sarah K: Famous Artists - Michael Angelo - Leonardo Da Vinci - Raphael - Titian - Murillo - Rubens - Rembrandt
Oliphant, Mrs: The Makers of Florence - Dante, Giotto, Savonarola and Their City Quanjer, Johan H: One World One Truth Pisistratus Caxton (Lytton, Lord): My Novel or Varieties In English Life
Levy, Lester S: Picture The Songs - Lithographs from the Sheet Music of Nineteenth-Century America Fielding, Henry: The History Of Amelia Leech, John: Sporting Print
Batho, Rosemary and Kay, Judi and Waugh, Bernice: The Beginner's Guide To Floristry Schubert, Franz: Franz Schubert Songs with Pianoforte Accompaniment Paine, John Knowles and Thomas, Theodore and Klauser, Karl (edited by): Famous Composers and Their Works
Sakhai, Essie: The Story of Carpets Masters, Anthony: A Watching Silence Sacks, Oliver: The Island of the Colorblind and Cycad Island
Bain, J. Arthur: Fridtjof Nansen - His Life and Explorations Rosa, Joseph G. And Koop, Waldo E: Rowdy Joe Lowe - Gambler With A Gun (SIGNED COPY) Gibson, Michael: Symbolism
Debraye, Henry: Touraine and Its Chateaux Pollard, T.E: Johannine Christology and the Early Church Montebello, Philippe De (and others): The Vatican Collections - The Papacy and Art - Official Publication Authorised By the Vatican Museums
Rawlings, Leo with Supporting Account By Bill Duncan: And The Dawn Came Up Like Thunder - Tutu, Desmond: No Future Without Forgiveness Various: Roadside, Field and Garden - Pictures, Stories and Poems
Kent, Her Royal Highness Princess Michael of: Cupid and the King Garrett, Richard: Royal Travel Lee, Laurie: The Illustrated Cider with Rosie
McCartney, Paul: Paintings Rowland, Denny: Sussex from the Air Anonymous: The Cambridge Library of Ornamental Art - Arabian Ornament from the 12th to the 18th Century
Gifford, Denis: The Golden Age of Radio - An Illustrated Companion Allen, Thomas: Foreign Parts - A Singer's Journal Gilbert, W.S: The Bab Ballads with Which are Included Songs of a Savoyard
Akhtar, Miriam and Humphries, Steve: The Fifties and Sixties - A Lifestyle Revolution Loades, David (edited By): Chronicles of the Tudor Kings - The Tudor Dynasty from 1485 to 1553: Henry VII, Henry VIII and Edward VI in the Words of Their Contemporaries Foster, R.F. (edited by): The Oxford Illustrated History of Ireland
Torvill, Jayne and Dean, Christopher with Wilson, Neil: Torvill and Dean - Fire On Ice (SIGNED COPY) Hunt Peter (edited by): Children's Literature - An Illustrated History Valle, Pietro Della (Translated, Abridged, and Introduced By George Bull): The Pilgrim
Aslet, Clive: The Story of Greenwich Walsh, Michael J. (edited by): Lives of the Popes - Illustrated Biographies of Every Pope from St. Peter to the Present Kissinger, Henry: Years of Renewal
Roberts, Nigel: C-Six - Ten Years as the Doctor of the QE2 Johnston, Kenneth R: The Hidden Wordsworth - Poet, Lover, Rebel, Spy Cotterell, Arthur: The Encyclopedia of Mythology - Classical, Celtic, Norse
Katz, Robert and Dars, Celestine: The Impressionists Reyner, J.H. (and 13 Principal Contributors): The Encyclopaedia of Radio and Television - A Complete Alphabetical Reference to All Aspects of Modern Radio Technology Ormond, Mark (edited by): John Ringling - Dreamer, Builder, Collector - Legacy of the Circus King
Edwards, Anne: Royal Sisters - Elizabeth and Margaret 1926-1956 Arnaud, Claude: Chamfort - A Biography Francis, Claude and Gontier, Fernande: Simone De Beauvoir
Lough, John: Writer and Public in France - From the Middle Ages to the Present Day Rousseau, Jean Jacques (edited By Ronald Grimsley): Religious Writings Wilcocks, Robert: Critical Essays on Jean-Paul Sartre
Howells, Christina: Sartre - The Necessity of Freedom Scriven, Michael: Sartre's Existential Biographies Wright, Charles H.C: The Background of Modern French Literature
Bieber, Konrad: Simone De Beauvoir Scribe, Eugène: Théâtre Choisi d'Eugène Scribe - Précédé une Notice Biographique et Littéraire Par Marcel Charlot Quinet, Edgar: La République - Conditions de la Régénération de la France
Gobineau, Comte De: Ternove - Nouvelle édition, précédée d'un avant-propos de T. de Visan Staël, Madame De / Madame De Stael: De la Littérature Considérée dans ses Rapports avec les Institutions Sociales Suivi De l'Influence des Passions sur le Bonheur des Individus et des Nations Fénelon - Archevêque de Cambrai (François de Salignac de la Mothe-Fénelon) / Fenelon: De l'existence et des Attributs de Dieu, Entretiens sur la Religion, Discours Philosophique sur l'Amour de Dieu, Lettres sur Divers Sujets de Métaphysique et de Religion, Dialogues sur L'éloquence
Nerval, Gérard: Oeuvres - Textes Établis, Avec Un Sommaire Biographique, Une Étude Sur Gérard De Nerval, Des Notices, Des Notes, Un Choix De Variantes et Une Bibliographie Par Henri Lemaitre Weiss, Jean-Jacques: Le Drame Historique et Le Drame Passionnel Augier, Émile / Augier, Emile: Théâtre
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