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One & all garden books Croft, C.H: Clive, Centre-Forward Various Authors: Girls and Girls : a Missionary Book
Young, Egerton Ryerson: Stories from Indian Wigwams and Northern Camp-Fires Asensio, Paco: Waterfront Homes Lofting, Hugh: Doctor Dolittle's Caravan
Zimmermann, N. J. and A. Oosterlinck (editors): Industrial Applications of Image Analysis : Proceedings of a Workshop Organised By IRSIA/IWONL and CETEA, Antwerp, October 17-19, 1983 Seiroku, Noma: The Arts of Japan : Ancient and Medieval. Vol. 1 Mearns, Andrew: For Home and Fatherland
Koppana, Kati-Ma: Times Past and Times to be Morrison, Blake: The Justification of Johann Gutenberg Cullerton, Brenda: Geoffrey Beene
Leaves from a Garden Dodd, Ed: The Daily Mirror Pocket Book of Fishing Tips No. 1 Gomes, P. I. (editor): Rural Development in the Caribbean
Hrano, Mike: Bros the Big Push : Bros on the Road Robinson, Vince: The White House Conspiracy Vassalli, Giorgio and Gian Paolo Foletti: Racing Season 1996
Journal des journaux : revue generale de la presse non-politique. Vol. 1 IPA stamp catalogue of Malaysia-Singapore-Brunel 1974 Laurence Bronson's victory
Michael the Young Minor : a Hungarian Story The life and work of E.A. Watson : one of Britain's outstanding engineers The Technical Educator : an Encyclopaedia of Technical Education
Alnaes, Eyvind . [et al.]: Norwegian architecture throughout the ages Andrews, Lucilla: Front Line 1940 Anon: Somebody & Nobody : a Tale
Anon: Closed doors Barker, Ernest (advisory editor): International University reading course : a distinctive and independent library of reference Barrymore, Michael: Back in Business
Baskin, Leonard: Leonard Baskin : Sculptures, Reliefs, Drawings, Watercolours, Graphics Borowski, Harry R. (ed.): The Harmon Memorial Lectures in Military History, 1959-1987 Browne, James: A history of the Highlands and of the Highland Clans. Vol. 4
Bunyan, John: The Pilgrim's Progress Caidin, Martin: The Last Dogfight Christie, Agatha: Death comes as the end
Collodi, C: The story of Pinocchio Crowder, Herbert: Weatherhawk Darcy, Lilian: Sister Madeleine
Dexter, Ted: You can play cricket Donovan, Dick: The Crime Of the Century : being the Life Story of Richard Pigott Dyer, Heather: The house built on sand
Elliott, Charles: Sword & Spirit Ferracchiati, Fabio Claudio . [et al.]: Data-Centric.Net Programming with C Flament, Andre: Yvette Alde
Fowler, Jean (editorial director): Reed's nautical almanac 1987 Graham, R. B. Cunninghame: Mogreb-El-Acska : a Journey in Morocco Grey, Zane: Forlorn river
Haggard, H. Rider and Lang, Andrew: The world's desire Hall, Margaret E. and Violet M. Macpherson: Marica Alice Rice M.A. Oxon Hann, A. C. Osborn: Peg and her company
Haycraft, M. S: Miss Elizabeth's Niece Heath, Claire E: Happy Memories Heath-Stubbs, John: Beauty and the Beast
Heller, Joseph: Now and Then : from Coney Island to Here Hendricks, Vicki: Iguana Love Henry and Scott: A Commentary upon the Holy Bible : Isiah to Malachi
Heyer, Georgette: These Old Shades : Sprig Muslin : Sylvester : The Corinthian : The Convenient Marriage Hill, Geoffrey: Tenebrae Hope, Stanton: Orinoco trail
Hope, Ascott R: Stories of School Life Hosten, E. and EG. I. Strubbe: Catalogue illustre du Musee communal des beaus - arts a Bruges Hosten, E. and EG. I. Strubbe: Catalogue Illustre du Musee Communal des Beauxs-Arts a Bruges
Hughes, Ted: The burning of the brothel Ison, Dorothy: The Horn and the Sword Jackson, Danny: Frankie Say : the Rise of 'Frankie Goes to Hollywood'
Jaffe, Rona: The last chance Johnson, B. S. (ed.): The Evacuees Kean, Roger (ed.): Superclubs Unofficial Soccer Yearbook 98/99 for Supporters of Lincoln City
Kessler, Leo: The die-hards Kilgour, O. F. G: An introduction to the chemical aspects of nursing science Lewis. Eiluned: December Apples : Poems
Liddell Hart, B. H: Storia militare della seconda guerra militare Linklater, Eric: The Impregnable Women Lloyd-Dodd, F. T. and B. J. Lynch: Organization and administration of industry
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