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Great Pacific Books Authors

Zilberman Yona and Haim Ron Cordell Christobel M Melfi Leonard
Sotheby's Sotheby Parke Bernet and Company Public Auction Catalog of Items Put Up at Auction Berger Ester M First Vice President of Paine Webber Inc Martin A W E B Chappell Editor
Baumgartner Bernice B Mead Katherine Harper Editor Tom Murray Rathbun Harry J
Bodger Seeds Ltd John C Bodger Dartford Press Los Angeles circa 1935 to 1937] Dondero Alicia Benny Crayton Wendy Hays Charlene Ramos Linda Taylor Lorr Kent Campbell for the County of Ventura Sylvania General Telephone and Electronics Product Support Operation Sylvania Electronic Systems education and Training Unit
Pirsig Maynard E Professor of Law University of Minnesota american Case Book series Editied By Erwin N Griswold Quattrocki Carolyn and Susan Spellman 12 Book Series Goodson Lottie and Kirby Dyess
Cooper Joseph D Ceesepe Translated from French Into Spanish By Claudine Serre Translated Into English By Liz Saum Preface By Richardo Mosner with Gonzalo De La Serna S E N Artefact Woolard Samuel Francis
Hope Laura Lee 3 Book set series Izawa Tadasu and Shigemi Hijikata Hillyer Curtis of the California Bar Auithor of Law of Evidence Hillyer's Justice Code and More
State Bar of California Grases Pedro Andre Bello Folk Dance Federation of California South Sponsored By Department of Dance and University Extention University of California Los Angeles UCLA 1967 3 BOOKS BOOKLETS ON DANCE IN LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA
Kallmaker Karen Writing as Laura Adams Farber Leslie H Bundy Gus
Christie Hugh K Minshull Ruth Clay Bertha M Edna Lyall Rosa Mouchette Carey 3 BOOKS A MATCHED SET
Monte Vista Presbyterian Church Newbury Park California Pritscher Tom SIGNED Berne Eric David Hume Harry Stack Sullivan David Viscott 4 Bks Psychology Self Help
Osman Randolph E With Paul C Mills Joan Boyer Norman Griffin Jacqueline Mason Doran Ross Sandra Knudsen and Elizabeth Hall for the Santa Barbara Museum of Art SB California Shelly Ruston Maslen Bobby Lynn and John R 8 Bk Set Royal High School Patti Marine Michelle Manrubia Simi Valley California
Department of the US Navy Naval Education and Training Brom Gerald Zaphyr John SIGNED BY BROM Dutton Ethan with Rick Hartman Ryan Weber Mike LoBue Lee Terkelsen for Golden West High School Sunset 1997Yearbook Annual
Scarry Richard Saltzman Shirl McCall Edith S And Jack Faulkner 2 Bks set series
West Bar Review Antypas William G Akc Annually Licensed Superintendent American Kennel Club Lunger LaRue and Pictures By Ivy M deLoe and C Erickson Morise
Gardiner George H Boyce Ronald N Perkins Rollin M University of Utah University California Hastings College of Law for foundation Press Jones Harry W Kernochan John M Murphy Arthur W For Foundation Press University Casebook Series
Wade John W Schwartz Victor E Partlett David F Kelly Kathryn for University Case Book Series for Foundation Press Singer Gerald M Esq Of the California Bar for Lawyers Cooperative Publishing Thackeray William Makepeace Charles Scribner's Sons Publisher the De Vinne Press
No War Toys Inc Publisher 1968 California Dean Harvey Shapiro Jack Translator of Ovid for Laurida Books Hollywood California SIGNED BY SHAPIRO
Penrose Margaret Millner Lynda Millner Cork Waite Gaylee SIGNED Haynes E Barrington Ian Angus Carl W Drepperd Dorothy Dunsedter Warner 4 Bks on Collecitng
Murphy Joseph DD DRS PhD LLD Fellow of the Andhra Research University India for Parker Publishing Company Munter Ed Yuse John Judy Collins Rosalee Temple Matt Mathesius Gretchen Lehmann Darcy Jeane Ingrid Hill Western Washington University Bellingham Works By Rebecca Newell David Lee Christiane Jacox Kyle Kathryn Trueblood Brett A Stanciu Others
Shevin David&Jonathan Weisberger and Pictures By Lisze Bechtold Metraux Alfred Translated By Douglas Garman for Studio Vista Limited Publisher Philips Judson P and Thomas M Johnson For Doubleday Doran&Company Inc
Star Publishing Trust Krishnamurti the Chief Organizer Order of the Star International Star Bulletin Official Organ of the Order of the Star Newton Alma Writing as Zarah Kreeshna for Duffield and Company Belew richard C
Willard Nancy and Lillian Hoban signed and Inscribed By Author Clarke R M For Brooklands Books BMW 1993 Pubisher The Ultimate Driving MacHine
Proferes George Knox James Samuel Mrs Alice H Horner Mrs Ruth Wade Ray for Knox Business Book Company Wolff Maritta M
Hanford A Chester Assistant Professor of Government Harvard University Bartley Bruce David Brunner Janet Davison William Harrison Penny Paterson Carol Polsky Clement Stacy for Scott foresman and Company Simon Bennet Rossi Publications
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