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Zilberman, Yona and Haim Ron: A Haggadah for Generations : The Passover Family Seder [Oversized Pictorial, religious Readings, Holiday Festival, celebration] Cordell, Christobel M: Dramatizing Business Law [Critical / Practical Study ; Review Reference ; Biographical Details ; in Depth Research ; Practice / Process Explained ; Eductation / Learning ; discussion] Melfi, Leonard: Fantasies at the Frick or the Guard and the Guardess : a Play in Two Acts [Samuel French Edition of the Script, Play, Staged Play guide]
Sotheby's / Sotheby Parke Bernet and Company / Public Auction Catalog of Items Put Up at Auction: Sotheby's American 18th 19th Century and Western Paintings Drawings Watercolors and Sculpture / April 23, 1981 [Pictorial Refernce from Sale, Rare Oportunity to View Works in Private Collection, Museum Quality Reference guide] Berger, Ester M. First Vice President of Paine Webber Inc: SmartMoney / Money Smart Divorce : What Women Need to Know About Money and Divorce [Self Help Reference Handbook to Financial Success and Ending a Marriage contract] Martin, A. W. / E. B. Chappell, Editor: Worship in the Sunday School : For Workers in Small Schools : Cokesbury Edition [religious Readings, Meaning of Christian Worship, Problem Solving, Effective Techniques, Methods, Explained, Hb in dj]
Baumgartner, Bernice B: Guiding the Retarded Child : An Approach to Total Educational Program [critical/practical Study, Advanced Psychology and Education, Special Needs broached] Mead, Katherine Harper, Editor, Tom Murray: The Preston Morton Collection of American Art : Santa Barbara Museum of Art [Oversized Pictorial, SIGNED By Suzette Morton Davidson, Daughter of Sterling and Preston Morton and Trustee of the SBMA, Features Artworks in Their collection] Rathbun, Harry J: Creative Initiative : Guide to Fulfillment [Personal Growth Techniques, Well Being, Betterment, DIY, Self Help, wellness]
Bodger Seeds Ltd. / John C. Bodger / Dartford Press Los Angeles ; circa 1935 to 1937]: The Romance of Flower Seed Growing : With the Bodgers [pictorial In house Company Bio of Family, Founders, Growing Developing Seeds, Nursery Techniques, Methods, History Thru the Mid 1930s] Dondero, Alicia; Benny Crayton, Wendy Hays, Charlene Ramos, Linda Taylor Lorr, Kent Campbell for the County of Ventura [ Califorina ]: I am Somebody : Strategies for Drug Abuse Prevention : By the Prevention Staff of the Center for Drug Problems, Ventura County Health Care Agency Sylvania, General Telephone and Electronics, Product Support Operation, Sylvania Electronic Systems, education and Training Unit: Printed Circuit Technology [critical/practical study]
Pirsig, Maynard E., Professor of Law, University of Minnesota: american Case Book series Editied By Erwin N. Griswold: The Legal Profession: American Casebook Series [critical/practical Study, Law, Legal Review, Case studies] Quattrocki, Carolyn and Susan Spellman / 12 Book Series: The Happy Snowman ; Rudolph's Adventure, Santa Clause is Coming to Town ; the Little Drummer Boy ; Jingle Bells ; the Christmas Mouse ; Christmas Carols ; the Elves and the Showmaker ; the Nutcracker ; the Twelve/12 Days of Christmas ; and More Goodson, Lottie and Kirby Dyess: Amebiasis : Monograph : a Practical Diagnostic Guide for the Evaluation of Entamoeba Histolytica in Humans : HK9, ICN Medical Diagnostic Products [pictorial Biography of Entamoeba Histolytica, Research Data and observations]
Cooper, Joseph D: Handbook for Sales Meetings, Conventions, and Conferences and How to Make Them Work [critical/practical Study, Advanced Management Techniques, Methods, Explained, Includes Some Laid in materials] Ceesepe [artist] Translated from French Into Spanish By Claudine Serre, Translated Into English By Liz Saum, Preface By Richardo Mosner, with Gonzalo De La Serna, S. E. N. Artefact: Ceesepe : Paris - Madrid [oversized Pictorial Folio of Ceesepe's Works, Paintings, Illustrations, Sex, Violence, Chaos Depicted in This Spanish Artist's Work, Spain, in Both English & French languages] Collection Phosphene Volume 3 Woolard, Samuel Francis: The Beauties of Friendship [1909 collection/compilation of Poetry, Decorative Lithograph on Cover By E. Davison]
Hope, Laura Lee / 3 Book set/series: The Bobbsey Twins and the County Fair Mystery ; The Mystery at Cherry Corners ; Adventure in the Country ; Merry Days Indoors and Out [Classic Children's Literature By Laura Lee Hope, Juvenile readers] Izawa, Tadasu and Shigemi Hijikata: My First Puppet Picture Book : My Favorite Animals [Pictorial Children's Reader, Fabulous Tadasu Izawa Realistic Photographic Diarama Style illustrations] Hillyer, Curtis of the California Bar, Auithor of Law of Evidence, Hillyer's Justice Code and More: Hillyer's Corporate Management and By-Laws , with Forms [Legal Reference Manual, 1927 Edition, Outdated, Historical, Advanced Case study]
State Bar of California: Public Law Section of the State Bar of California : Proceedings September 21, 1975, 9:00 am, Fresno California, Vol. 1, No. 1 [legal booklet] Grases, Pedro / Andre Bello: Libros De Bello Editados En Caracas in El Siglo XIX [In Spanish, Compilation of Important Spanish, Writings, Statements on the Castallana Language of Spain by Andre Bello, 1810-1881] Folk Dance Federation of California, South; Sponsored By Department of Dance and University Extention, University of California, Los Angeles, UCLA 1967 / 3 BOOKS BOOKLETS ON DANCE IN LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA: Twelfth / 12th Annual Folk Dance Conference August 13 to 20 1967 at Santa Barbara, California with Folk Dance Calendar of Costumes 1968 1969 Laid in [club news, dance Steps, Ethnic Costumes, Essays and history Cultural Dancing, and More, illustrated]
Kallmaker, Karen Writing as Laura Adams: The Dawning [lesbian writings/stories/fiction] Farber, Leslie H: Lying Despair Jealousy Envy Sex Suicide Drugs and the Good Life [psychology, Psychoanalogy, Humanisms, Contemporary Issues of Existance, Brilliant!] Bundy, Gus: Short Thoughts : 1958 [privately Published Poetry
Christie, Hugh K: The Carman's Helper : Second Edition : Revised [Railroad Car and Railroading Handbook, Rail Car Maintenance, Repairs, Employment, Terminal Repairs, Steel Cars, Air Brake Repairs, Connections and Much More Illustrated, Historical, 1920 Minshull, Ruth: How to Choose Your People [author of Miracles for Breakfast, Scientology, Higher Mind Power, Diciple of L. Ron Hubbard and Dianetics, Self Help, Personal Growth Techniques, Methods, explained] Clay, Bertha M. / Edna Lyall / Rosa Mouchette Carey / 3 BOOKS, A MATCHED SET: On Her Wedding Morn / We Two / Wooed and Married [decorative Cloth Covers, Donohue and Co., Novels for Young Ladies, Circa 1900]
Monte Vista Presbyterian Church Newbury Park California: Monte Vista Presbyterian Church Newbury Park California Cookbook 1992 [retional cookbook/recipe collection, fresh ideas, traditional fair] Pritscher, Tom / SIGNED: Practicing the Presence: a Course in Meditation, Book One/1 [Self-help Reference Guide, Personal Growth & Empowerment, wellness/well Being Techniques, Methods, explained] Berne, Eric; David Hume; Harry Stack Sullivan; David Viscott / 4 Bks, Psychology, Self Help: What Do You Say After You Say Hello ; an Enguiring Concerning Human Understanding ; Clinical Studies in Psychiatry ; the Viscott Method : Self Analysis, Understanding [Self-help Reference Guide, Personal Growth & Empowerment]
Osman, Randolph E. With Paul C. Mills, Joan Boyer, Norman Griffin, Jacqueline Mason, Doran Ross, Sandra Knudsen and Elizabeth Hall for the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, SB California, Shelly Ruston: Iconocom : Cross Cultural Iconography for the Community : An Educational Handbook Resulting from a 3 Part Series of Exhibitions on the [Santa Barbara] Museum's [of Art] Permanent Collection [spiral Bound Pictorial on Icons, All Cultures, Tab Indexed] Maslen Bobby Lynn and John R. / 8 Bk Set: More Bob Books for Young Readers, Set 2: Ten Men, 1; Bump, 2; Cat and Mouse, 3; the Swimmers, 4; Samantha, 5; Willy's Wish, 6; Jumper and the Clown, 7; Max and the Tom Cats, 8; Teacher/Parent Guide Booklet, with Puppets [progressive readers] Royal High School, Patti Marine, Michelle Manrubia [editors] Simi Valley, California: 1993 Cruachan : Royal High School, Volume 25, Unforgettable Then and Now 25th Anniversary Golden West High School, Visalia California 1995 Sunset [pictorial yearbook/annual from Visalia, California Showing Events, Activities, Simi Valley, California]
Department of the US Navy, Naval Education and Training: Electronics Technician Strand Class "A" School : Safety Handbook : Traniee Guide, February 1977 : Volume 1/One # A-100-0145/0147 [critical/practical Study, textbook/workbook for Military Training, United States Navy, Techniques, Methods, explained] Brom, Gerald; Zaphyr, John (editor) / SIGNED BY BROM: Art of Brom : The Darkwerks [oversized Pictorial, Body of Artist Fantasy Works, Graphic Integrity, Plates Suitable for Framing, Biography of Artist, some Early works] Dutton, Ethan [Editor] with Rick Hartman, Ryan Weber, Mike LoBue, Lee Terkelsen for Golden West High School, Sunset 1997Yearbook Annual: Golden West High School, Visalia California 1997 Sunset, Volume 18 [pictorial yearbook/annual from Visalia, California Showing Events, Activities, Classmates, Sophmores, Juniors, Seniors, Freshmen, biography]
Scarry, Richard: Richard Scarry's Babykins and His Family [Pictorial Children's Reader, Cat Story and His Adventures, Classic Scarry illustrations] Saltzman, Shirl: San Francisco Bay Area Victoriana : a Bound Folio of Sixteen Drawings of Victorian Buildings of the San Franciscobay Area By Shirl Salzman, Ninteen Hundred Seventy Four/1974 [pictorial, Pen and Ink Drawings of Houses in Northern California, complete] McCall, Edith S. And Jack Faulkner / 2 Bks set/series: The buttons and The Whirlybird; the Buttons at the Farm [Pictorial Children's Readers, Reading Primer adventures]
West Bar Review [Publisher, 1996]: Professional Responsibility [critical/practical Study, law/legal Review, lawyer/attorney Conduct, practice] West Bar Review [publisher, 1996, West Professional Training programs]: Simulated Multistate Bar Exams [critical/practical Study, legal/law Review, lawer/attorney Conduct, practice] Antypas, William G. Akc Annually Licensed Superintendent, American Kennel Club: Los Encinos Kennel Club : 15th All Breed Dog Show & Obedience Trial Monday, May 28, 1984, Los Angeles County Fairgounds, Pomona California [illustrated Program of Breeders, Dogs at Show and Owners/trainers with Advertisements, Dog References, Handbook,]
Lunger, LaRue and Pictures By Ivy M. deLoe and C. Erickson Morise: The Day the Clock Stopped [Pictorial Children's Reader, with calligraphy] Gardiner, George H: How I Sold a Million dollars of Real Estate in One Year [personal Success Techniques, Methods, Explained, Financial Gains, Shortcuts, Tactics, Money Making Secrets, Residental Home Buying] Boyce, Ronald N.; Perkins, Rollin M. ; University of Utah, University California, Hastings College of Law, for foundation Press: Criminal Law and Procedure : Cases and Materials: Seventh/7th Edition: University Casebook Series [critical/practical Study, Legal Review, Cross Reference, Case Examples, Decisions, Law Structure, Attorney Handbook, Unitied States]
Jones, Harry W.; Kernochan, John M.; Murphy, Arthur W. For Foundation Press, University Casebook Series: Legal Method : Cases and Text Materials: University Casebook Series [critical/practical Study, Legal Review, Cross Reference, Case Examples, Decisions, Law Structure, Attorney Handbook, Unitied States] Wade, John W., Schwartz, Victor E.; Partlett, David F.; Kelly, Kathryn for University Case Book Series for Foundation Press: Prosser, Wade, and Schwartz's : Torts : Cases and Materials : Ninth/9th Edition, University Casebook Series [critical/practical Study, Legal Review, Cross Reference, Case Examples, Decisions, Law Structure, Attorney Handbook, Unitied States] Singer, Gerald M. Esq. Of the California Bar, for Lawyers Cooperative Publishing: How to go Directly Into and Manage Your Own Solo Law Practice: Without Missing a Meal [complete Revision 1993, United States Law firm/practice, Litigation, Outline of Services, Decision Making, Professionalism, Costs and Balance, Billing, Productivity...]
Thackeray, William Makepeace, Charles Scribner's Sons Publisher, the De Vinne Press: The Works of William Makepeach Thackeray : Kensington Edition Volume XIV/14 : The Virginians : a Tale of the Last Century, with the Author's Illustrations : Volume III/3 [1904, One Tome from the 32 Volume Series on Thackeray, Classic Literature, frontice] No War Toys, Inc. Publisher 1968 California: No War Toys, Illustrated By Several Children, Written By Several Children [1968 Publication of Children's Artworks, with Spaces to Create Your Own Peaceful Drawings, Sketches, Spiral bound] Dean, Harvey: Persuasive Humor at AT & T ; All I Want Was an Unfair Advantage : Advenures in Yellow Page Advertising ; Humor : The Spice of Communication [3 Audio cassettes, Humor / Seminar, no book]
Shapiro, Jack Translator of Ovid for Laurida Books, Hollywood California / SIGNED BY SHAPIRO: The Art of Love and Remedies for Love: How to... Find and Seduce Woman, How to... Catch and Hold a Man, How to... Get Rid of Each Other, Fifty/50 Ways to Leave Your Lover [romance, Relationships, Techniques, Methods, explained] Penrose, Margaret: Dorothy Dale and Her Chums [girls Novel, Decorative Cover, Dorothy Dale Series, 1909 Edition] Millner, Lynda; Millner, Cork; Waite, Gaylee (illustrator) / SIGNED: Looking Great Without Diet or Exercise: How to Look Thin, Instantly: Introduction By Jane Russell [illustrated Personal Grooming Techniques, Methods, explained]
Haynes, E. Barrington; Ian Angus, [Editor]; Carl W. Drepperd; Dorothy Dunsedter Warner / 4 Bks on Collecitng: Glass Throught the Ages; Collecitng Antiques; Primer of American Antiques; Adapting American Antiques [Pictorial Reference Guides for Collectors, Restorers of Early Furnishing, decorative Arts, Valuation of Goods, Identifying, etc] Murphy, Joseph, DD, DRS, PhD, LLD, Fellow of the Andhra Research University, India, for Parker Publishing Company: Telepsychics : The Magic Power of Perfect Living [Self-help Reference Guide, Personal Growth & Empowerment, wellness/well Being Techniques, Methods, explained] Munter, Ed: State of the Heart [illustrated Heart Humor and Irony]
Yuse, John [Editor], Judy Collins, Rosalee Temple, Matt Mathesius, Gretchen Lehmann, Darcy Jeane, Ingrid Hill, Western Washington University, Bellingham, Works By Rebecca Newell, David Lee, Christiane Jacox Kyle, Kathryn Trueblood, Brett A Stanciu, Others: Jeopardy : Poetry, Art, Fiction, Photography, Essays ; Volume 28, Spring 1992 : Western Washington University [compilation of Student Works, First Publication Experience, School Publication, Mixed media] Shevin, David & Jonathan Weisberger; and Pictures By Lisze Bechtold: Musics [anecdotes, Poetry, Prose, Verse, aphorisms] Metraux, Alfred; Translated By Douglas Garman for Studio Vista Limited, Publisher: The Incas [translation of 'Les Incas', critical/practical Study, Historic and Prehistoric Review, Peasantry, Andes, Caste System, Organization of the Empire, Religion, Inca City, Barbaric People, Indian Inhabitants of Peru, Bolivia, After the Conquest]
Philips, Judson P. and Thomas M. Johnson. For Doubleday, Doran & Company Inc: Red War [novel, Mystery, Thriller, Main Characters: Viktor Gaszlo, Karen North, Hugh Bayne] Star Publishing Trust, Krishnamurti ; the Chief Organizer, Order of the Star ; International Star Bulletin: Official Organ of the Order of the Star: Star Bulletin : Talks and Writings By Krishnamurti: March April 1933, No. 2 [periodical, Club, Organization, Krishnaji, Krishnamurti, Talks at Adyar, Ommen, Compilation of Articles, Sympathy with Its Objects, Religious Guru Following, Inner Wisdom etc] Newton, Alma Writing as Zarah Kreeshna [author of Love Letters of a Mystic] for Duffield and Company: Memories By Alma Newton [Writing in Diary Format as Zarah Kreeshna, fiction]
Belew, richard C: How to Win Profits and Influence Bankers : The Art of Practical Projecting [entrepreneurialship Handbook, Financial Success Guide, Funding, Borrowing Handbook, Business Loans, Need money for your business, this will help you to polish your company] Willard, Nancy and Lillian Hoban / signed and Inscribed By Author: Papa's Panda [Pictorial Children's Reader, Signed By Nancy Willard] Clarke, R. M. For Brooklands Books: BMW : M Series, Performance Portfolio, 1976 - 1993 [Oversized Pictorial, Biography and Details About the British Moters Car, Automobile, Statistics, Style, Features etc]
BMW 1993, Pubisher "The Ultimate Driving MacHine": BMW 1994 [pictorial Car Reference Book, Biography of the Car and Company, Safety, Technical Data, BMW Series 3, 5, 7, 8, Customer Care, Motorcycles, specifications] Proferes, George: There's Money on Those Tables for You : a Complete Guide for Waiters and Waitresses [success Tips for the Service Industry, biography] Knox, James Samuel; Mrs. Alice H. Horner; Mrs Ruth Wade Ray for Knox Business Book Company: Personality in Action [critical/practical Study, Development, Executive Values, Charm, Strategy in Winning Promotion, Dfficiency, Speech, Appearance, How to Sell Your Services, Conduct, Grooming, Etc, Techniques, Methods, explained]
Wolff, Maritta M: Whistle Stop : An Avery Hopwood Award Novel ["She Was a Girl with a Price Tag", Unabridged, classic Pulp Fiction, Hb in dj] Hanford, A. Chester; Assistant Professor of Government Harvard University: Problems in Municipal Government [critical/practical Study, 1926 Harvard Textbook, City Planning, Charters, Legal Aspects of City Goverment, Political Substructures, Comprehensive Review of Creating and Managing a city] Bartley, Bruce; David Brunner, Janet Davison, William Harrison, Penny Paterson, Carol Polsky, Clement Stacy, for Scott foresman and Company: Typog, First Issue Februry 1971 [compilation, Student Graphic Artwork Compliment Student anecdotes, Poetry, Prose, Verse, aphorisms]
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