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Legacy Books II Authors

Fewkes J Walter Casanowicz Immanuel M Abbott Charles C
Leach M L Charles M Smith E T Wiltheiss Helland Amund Lyle Eugene P
Carr John Sir Curtis William Eleroy Peary Robert E Subject
Andrews Charles M Daubree M Lacroix Frederic
Creeley Robert Maynard Felix Sikes Wirt William Wirt Sikes
Hobhouse John Cam Baron Broughton De Gyfford Nemirovitch-Dantchenko Vladimir Motto Carmine J
NO AUTHOR Rochechouart Julien De McKinney A L
Emmons Richard of Kentucky William Emmons Kipling Rudyard Long Haniel
Robertson William Spence Prince Walter F Kipling Rudyard and Wolcott Balestier
Castelar Emilio McClintick William Trimble Hitchcock Romyn
Grennell George Jr Thackeray William Makepeace Rice Alice Hegan
Bushell Stephen W Orcutt William Dana Carpenter Wesley M Oliver Wendell Holmes
Rives Amelie Holmes Oliver Wendell Peyssonel Claude Charles de
Ruppell Eduard Perrin Theodore Abbe Remington Charles Stevens
Black William Ludwig Vance Freeley Mary Belle
Coy Simeon Whitacre Evelyn Evelyn Whitaker Burdin Paul
Dickins Frederick Victor Translator Jerrold Walter Greenwell Dora
Shedd John Graves Armour Philip Danforth Armour J Ogden
Valentine Patrick A Armour Philip D Jr Fallows Samuel
Ward A Montgomery Thorne George R Buckingham Ebenezer
Buckingham Clarence Sturges Solomon Blair Chauncey Burkley
Keep Chauncey Keep Henry Blair Patten James A
Patten Alexander Robertson Patten Agnes Beveridge Lawson Victor Fremont
Willard Thomas Rigney Dr Mayer Levy Van Vechten Ralph
Borland John Jay Beach Chandler Belden Rogers Sampson
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