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Fewkes, J. Walter: Excavations At Casa Grande Arizona In 1906 - 07 Casanowicz, Immanuel M: Descriptive Catalogue Of The Collection Of Ecclesiastical Art In The United States National Museum Abbott, Charles C: The Stone Age In New Jersey
Leach, M. L. / Charles M. Smith / E. T. Wiltheiss: Ancient Forts In Ogemaw County, Michigan / A Sketch Of Flint Ridge, Licking County, Ohio / Earthworks And Mounds In Miami County, Ohio Helland, Amund: Topografisk - Statistisk Beskrivelse Over Lister Og Mandals Amt Lyle, Eugene P: Santos - Dumont Circling The Eiffel Tower In An Air Ship
Carr, John, Sir: A Tour Through Holland Along The Right And Left Banks Of The Rhine To The South Of Germany In The Summer And Autumn in 1806 Curtis, William Eleroy: The Existing Autographs Of Christopher Columbus Peary, Robert E., Subject: The Greenland Scientific Expedition Of 1895, in Two Parts
Andrews, Charles M: List Of The Commissions And Instructions Issued To The Governors And Lieutenant Governors Of The American And West Indian Colonies From 1609 To 1784 Daubree, M: Synthetical Studies And Experiments On Metamorphism And On The Formation Of Crystalline Rocks Helland, Amund: Topografisk - Statistisk Beskrivelse Over Bratsberg Amt
Lacroix, Frederic: Possessions Anglaises Dans L'Amerique Du Nord, Canada, Nouveau Brunswick, Nouvelle Ecosse, Acadie Creeley, Robert: Mary's Fancy Maynard, Felix: Un Drame Dans Les Mers Boreales: Souvenirs Du Kamtschatka / Les Compagnons De La Baleine / Une Relache Au Kamtschatka
Sikes, Wirt / William Wirt Sikes: One Poor Girl: The Story Of Thousands Hobhouse, John Cam, Baron Broughton De Gyfford: The Substance Of Some Letters Written By An Englishman Resident At Paris During The Last Reign Of The Emperor Napoleon With An Appendix Of Official Documents, Volume II Only Nemirovitch - Dantchenko, Vladimir: My Life In The Russian Theatre
Motto, Carmine J: Undercover The Venezuelan Arbitration Before The Hague Tribunal 1903 Rochechouart, Julien De: Pekin Et L'Interieur De La Chine
McKinney, A. L: Memoir Of Elder Isaac N. Walter Emmons, Richard, of Kentucky / William Emmons: The Battle Of Bunker Hill Or The Temple Of Liberty: An Historic Poem In Four Cantos Kipling, Rudyard: Without Benefit Of Clergy
Long, Haniel: Atlantides Robertson, William Spence: Francisco De Miranda And The Revolutionizing Of Spanish America Prince, Walter F: The First Criminal Code Of Virginia
Kipling, Rudyard and Wolcott Balestier: The Naulahka: A Story Of West And East, Pre-Publication Serial Appearance from Century Magazine Castelar, Emilio: Christopher Columbus, Pre-Publication Serial Appearance from Century Magazine McClintick, William Trimble: Verses Written During A Busy Lawyer's Life
Hitchcock, Romyn: The Ainos Of Yezo, Japan Grennell, George, Jr: Clipped Signature Thackeray, William Makepeace: Thackeray's Friendship With An American Family: Unpublished Letters To The Baxters / Letters To Miss Libby Strong in Century Magazine, Complete in Five Parts
Rice, Alice Hegan: Sandy, Pre-Publication Serial Appearance, from Century Magazine Bushell, Stephen W: Chinese Architecture Orcutt, William Dana: In Quest Of The Perfect Book: Reminiscences And Reflections Of A Bookman
Carpenter, Wesley M. / Oliver Wendell Holmes: Proceedings At The Dinner Given By The Medical Profession Of The City Of New York April 12, 1883, To Oliver Wendell Holmes, M. D Thackeray, William Makepeace: A Collection Of Unpublished Letters Of Thackeray, Complete in Seven Parts Rives, Amelie: According To Saint John from The Cosmopolitan Magazine, Complete Pre-publication Serial Appearance, in Three Parts
Holmes, Oliver Wendell: Before The Curfew And Other Poems Chiefly Occasional Peyssonel, Claude Charles de: Essai Sur Les Troubles Actuels De Perse Et De Georgie Ruppell, Eduard: Reisen In Nubien, Kordofan Und Dem Petraischen Arabien
Perrin, Theodore, Abbe: Origine Des Dieux, Des Heros, Des Fables Et Des Mysteres Du Paganisme, Volume II Only Remington, Charles Stevens: Nightshade Black, William: Shandon Bells
Ludwig, Vance: Not To Bedazzle: Campus Portraits Freeley, Mary Belle: Fair To Look Upon Coy, Simeon: The Great Conspiracy: A Complete History Of The Famous Tally Sheet Cases
Whitacre, Evelyn / Evelyn Whitaker: Miss Toosey's Mission Burdin, Paul: The Keel 1951: Company 776, United States Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, Illinois Dickins, Frederick Victor, Translator: Chiushingura Or The Loyal League: A Japanese Romance
Jerrold, Walter: Oliver Wendell Holmes Greenwell, Dora: Poems Holmes, Oliver Wendell: Songs Of Many Seasons 1862 - 1874
Holmes, Oliver Wendell: Soundings From The Atlantic, First Edition in Scarce Green Cloth Binding Holmes, Oliver Wendell: Songs In Many Keys Holmes, Oliver Wendell: Medical Essays 1842 - 1882
Shedd, John Graves (1850 - 1906): John Graves Shedd Steel Engraved Portrait Armour, Philip Danforth (1832 - 1901): Philip Danforth Armour Steel Engraved Portrait Armour, J. Ogden (1863 - 1927): J.Ogden Armour Steel Engraved Portrait
Valentine, Patrick A. (1861 - 1916): Patrick A. Valentine Steel Engraved Portrait Armour, Philip D., Jr: Philip D. Armour, Jr. Steel Engraved Portrait Fallows, Samuel (1835 - 1922): Samuel Fallows Steel Engraved Portrait
Ward, A. Montgomery (1843 - 1926): A. Montgomery Ward Steel Engraved Portrait Thorne, George R. (1837 - 1918): George R. Thorne Steel Engraved Portrait Buckingham, Ebenezer (1829 - 1911): Ebenezer Buckingham Steel Engraved Portrait
Buckingham, Clarence (1854 - 1913): Clarence Buckingham Steel Engraved Portrait Sturges, Solomon: Solomon Sturges Steel Engraved Portrait Blair, Chauncey Burkley (1810 - 1891): Chauncey Burkley Blair Steel Engraved Portrait
Keep, Chauncey (1853 - 1929): Chauncey Keep Steel Engraved Portrait Keep, Henry Blair: Henry Blair Keep Steel Engraved Portrait Patten, James A. (1852 - 1928): James A. Patten Steel Engraved Portrait
Patten, Alexander Robertson: Alexander Robertson Patten Steel Engraved Portrait Patten, Agnes Beveridge: Agnes Beveridge Patten Steel Engraved Portrait Lawson, Victor Fremont (1850 - 1925): Victor Fremont Lawson Steel Engraved Portrait
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