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U.S. NAVY: Report of the Secretary of the Navy, with an appendix, containing bureau reports, etc. December 1868 SPENCE, JONATHAN D: The search for modern China SOMERVILLE, KEITH FRAZIER and HARRIOTTE W.B. SMITH: Ships of the United States Navy and their sponsors, 1950-1958
FEIS, HERBERT: The China tangle. The American effort in China from Pearl Harbor to the Marshall Mission OZAKI, YUKIO: Romances of Old Japan. Rendered into English from Japanese sources HEARN, LAFCADIO: Japan. An attempt at interpretation
MIDDLETON, DREW: The duel of the giants. China and Russia in Asia LEEKE, ADA E: When Americans Came to Korea. by Ada E. Leeke with Evelyn Shaw WEEKS, EDWARD: My green age
SPENCE, JONATHAN D[ERMOT]: The gate of heavenly peace. The Chinese and their revolution, 1895-1980 BOETTCHER, ROBERT with Gordon L. Freedman: Gifts of deceit. Sun Myung Moon, Tongsun Park, and the Korean Scandal CHIANG KAI-SHEK: Soviet Russia in China. A summing up at seventy. By Chiang Chung-cheng (Chiang Kai-shek)
WAKEMAN, FREDERIC, Jr: The fall of Imperial China WALEY, ARTHUR [DAVID]: Translations from the Chinese. Illustrated by Cyrus Le Roy Baldridge POLO, MARCO: The Travels of Marco Polo, the Venetian. Translated and edited by William Marsden. Re-edited by Thomas Wright. Illustrated by Jon Corbino
YANG, C.K: Religion in Chinese society. A study of contemporary social functions of religion and some of their historical factors HINTON, HAROLD C[LENDENIN] editor: The People's Republic of China: a handbook TOPOLSKI, FELIKS (i.e., FELIX): Holy China
YOST, CHARLES W: History and memory LIU BINYAN with Ruan Ming and Xu Gang: Tell the world. What happened in China and why. [by] Liu Binyan with Ruan Ming and Xu Gang. Translated by Henry L. Epstein HUGGINS, ALICE MARGARET: The Red Chair Waits
POWER, PAUL F. (editor): India's Nonalignment Policy. Strengths and Weaknesses TERRILL, ROSS (editor): The China Difference BOARD OF TOURIST INDUSTR: Japanese Drama
LATOURETTE, KENNETH SCOTT: The development of China. (ex-library copy) MACAULAY, Lord (Thomas Babington Macaulay) 1800-1859: Warren Hastings PRYBYLA, JAN S: The Political Economy of Communist China
VINING, ELIZABETH GRAY: Windows for the Crown Prince BURCHETT, WILFRED G: Vietnam North Lelong, M.-H. (Maurice-Hyacinthe): Il est dangereux de se pencher au dehors relation d'un Voyage
KAWAKAMI, K(IYOSHI) K(ARL) (1875-1949): Manchoukuo : child of conflict LATOURETTE, KENNETH SCOTT: The development of China DALLIN, DAVID J[ULIEVICH] (1889-1962): Soviet Russia and the Far East
ELISSEEFF, VADIME: Japon immortel texte par Vadime Elisseeff HSIA CHIH-YEN: The coldest winter in Peking : a novel from inside China HUANG HAN LIANG: The land tax in China
LEVY, MARION J(OSEPH) Jr: The family revolution in modern China LEWIN, PAULINE: The foreign trade of Communist China its impact on the free world LEWIS, ELIZABETH FOREMAN (1892-1958): Portraits from a Chinese scroll. Illustrations by Virginia Stout. Calligraphy by Chen Chao-ming
LIN, ANOR (LIN TAIYI): War tide LOWE, C.H. (CHUAN-HUA): Notable books on Chinese studies : a selected, annotated, and subject-divided bibliographic guide CHENG, NIEN: Life and death in Shanghai
MacDONALD, MALCOLM (JOHN): Inside China. With photographsy by William MacQuitty MANCALL, MARK: Russia and China their diplomatic relations to 1728 MAO TSE-TUNG: On contradiction
Asian Peoples' Anti-Communist League, Republic of China: Mao's purge of senior military cadre MILLARD, THOMAS F. (Thomas Franklin): Our Eastern Question. America's Contact with the Orient and the Trend of Relations with China and Japan ROSENFIELD, JOHN M. and SHUJIRO SHIMADA: Traditions of Japanese Art: Selections From the Kimiko and John Powers Collection
MOHR, Professor E.C. JUL. (Edward Carl Julius) 1873-1970: The soils of equatorial regions with special reference to the Netherlands East Indies KUBEK, Dr. ANTHONY: The red China papers. What Americans deserve to know about U.S.-Chinese relations HU PU-YU: The military exploits and deeds of President Chiang Kai-shek. Translated by Chen Kuei-liang. Revised by Hsu Long-hsuen..
WHITNEY, WILLIAM DWIGHT, Professor of Sanskrit and Comparative Philology in Yale College: Oriental And Linguistic Studies, Second Series: The East And West Religion And Mythology; Orthography And Phonology; Hindu Astronomy STATLER, OLIVER: Japanese inn REPPLIER, AGNES: To think of tea!
HUNTER, NEALE: Shanghai journal. An eyewitness account of the Cultural Revolution UTLEY, FREDA: The China story YAO, MING-LE: The Conspiracy and Death of Lin Biao. Translated from the Chinese. With an introduction by Stanley Karnow
TRUMBULL, ROBERT editor: This is Communist China, by the staff of Yomiuri shimbun, Tokyo. Edited by Robert Trumbull, Chief, Tokyo Bureau, New York Times Literature and the arts. Compiled by the China Handbook Editorial Committee translated by Bonnie S. McDougall and Hu Liuyu. China Handbook Series GREW, JOSEPH C(LARK): Ten years in Japan. A contemporary record drawn from the diaries and private and official papers of Joseph C. Grew, United States ambassador to Japan, 1932- 1942
HSIEH, TEHYI: Selected pearls of wisdom and Buddhism SIDEL, RUTH: Women and child care in China. A first hand report LIN YUTANG: With love and irony. Illustrated by Kurt Wiese
LITTLE, FRANCES: Little Sister Snow MIYOSHI, Dr. MANABU: Sakura. Japanese cherry PALOCZI-HORVATH, GEORGE: Mao Tse-tung, emperor of the blue ants
FEUERWERKER, ALBERT: Modern China LORD, BETTE BAO: Spring Moon : A Novel of China Oriental Steamship Company (Tokyo): Toyo Kisen Kaisha, Oriental Steamship Company
PEFFER, NATHANIEL: The Far East, a modern history ROSS, NANCY WILSON: Three ways of Asian wisdom. Hinduism, Buddhism, Zen and their significance for the west ROWAN, CARL T: The pitiful and the proud
SCHURMANN, FRANZ: Ideology and organization in communist China TERRILL, ROSS: The white boned demon. A biography of Madame Mao Zedong THEROUX, PAUL: The great railway bazaar. By train through Asia
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