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Palin, Michael: Inside Himalaya with Michael Palin Jordan, Paul: Riddles of the Sphinx Ashdown Audsley, George. and Cutler, Thomas W: The Grammar Of Japanese Ornament
Stuckey, Charles F: Monet. A Retrospective Veasey, William: Waterfowl Painting. Blue Ribbon Techniques Joel, David: Monet at Vetheuil and on the Norman Coast 1878-1883
Salmon, Michael A: The Aurelian Legacy. British Butterflies and their Collectors Naylor, Gillian. (editor): William Morris by himself Dayot, Armand: La Peinture Anglaise De Ses Origines a Nos Jours
Sheridan, Michael: The Furnisher's Encyclopaedia Chau Hing-wa. (editor): Collected Essays On The Culture Of The Ancient Yue People In South China Weinreb, Ben. & Hibbert, Christopher: The London Encyclopaedia
Chapelle, Howard I: The History Of American Sailing Ships Isenbart, Hans-Heinrich: The Kingdom Of The Horse Richter, Derek. (Editor): Women Scientists The Road To Liberation
Wagner, Richard: My Life Swann, Peter C: Chinese Monumental Art Horne, Alistair: Macmillan (2 Volume Set) The Official Biography 1894-1986
Beckett, J. V: The East Midlands From AD 1000 von Faber du Faur, C: German Baroque Literature. A Catalogue of the Collection in the Yale University Library Rosenbach, A. S. W: Early American Children's Books
Jessop, T. E. & Luce, A. A: A Bibliography Of George Berkeley with Inventory Of Berkeley's Manuscript Remains Wolf. A: A History Of Science, Technology, And Philosophy In The Eighteenth Century Viollet Le Duc: Catalogue Des Livres Composant La Bibliothèque Poétique De M. Viollet Le Duc. 2 Volumes In One Binding
Wilson-Bareau, Juliet. & Marques. Manuela B. Mena: Goya Truth And Fantasy The Small Paintings Blount, Thomas & Hazlitt W. Carew: Tenures Of Land And Customs Of Manors Trollope, J. Armiger: The College Youths
Barnes Jr., Rudolph C: Military Legitimacy: Might and Right in the New Millennium Moller, Bjorn: Dictionary of Alternative Defense Forest, James J. F: The Making of a Terrorist: Recruitment, Training and Root Causes - Volume Two: Training
Walker, Thomas W: Revolution & Counterrevolution In Nicaragua Wilkins, Burleigh Taylor: Terrorism and Collective Responsibility Armistead, Edwin Leigh: Grease Pencils and Florescent Bananas: The History of Airborne Early Warning Aircraft
Dando, Malcolm: A New Form of Warfare: The Rise of Non-Lethal Weapons Smythe, Donald: Guerrilla Warrior: The Early Life of John J. Pershing Roy, Olivier: Islam and Resistance in Afghanistan
Arquilla, John (edited by): From Troy to Entebbe: Special Operations in Ancient and Modern Times Jordan, Tangarov Sl.; Margarita, Todorova IV.; Anghel, Charliev P.; Chichkov, Arch. D: L'Architecture Bulgare D'Aujourd'Hui Gullstrom, Beatrice; Hissey, Alison; Horne, Elizabeth: Houghton Revisited
Thorpe, Don: The Railways of the Manchester Ship Canal Downs, Edward: Jane's Avionics (Twenty-Third Edition 2004-2005) Gander, Terry J (Edited by): Jane's NBC Protection Equipment: Tenth Edition 1997-98
Raggett, Bob (Edited by): Jane's Military Communications 1985 Brinkman, David (Edited by): Jane's Avionics (Eighth Edition 1989-90) Brinkman, David (Edited by): Jane's Avionics (Twelfth Edition 1993-94)
Coblentz, Stanton A: From Arrow To Atom Bomb: The Psychological History of War Hoare, Tom: Rogue Diablos: One Man's War Toman, Rolf (Edited by): Vienna: Art and Architecture
Toman, Rolf (Edited by): The Art of the Italian Renaissance: Architecture, Sculpture, Painting, Drawing Darton, F. J. Harvey: Children's Books In England: Five Centuries Of Social Life Heath-Agnew, E: Roundhead to Royalist: Biography of Colonel John Birch, 1615-91
Gammond, Peter; Heald, John: Sir John Betjeman 1906-1984: A Checklist of Writings By and About Him Davison, Peter: George Orwell: A Literary Life Hamer, W. S: The British Army, Civil-Military Relations 1885-1905
Griffin, Ernest H: Adventures in Tripoli: A Doctor in the Desert Bird, Henry Llewellyn Johnson: A Daugher of Charles I Waylen, James: The House of Cromwell and the Story of Dunkirk; a Genealogical History of the Descendants of the Protector, With Anecdotes and Letters
Beer, M: Social Struggles and Socialist Forerunners Bovill, E. W. (Edited by): Missions to the Niger in 4 Volumes Hodgkin, R. H: A History of the Anglo-Saxons :Vols I & II
Vinogradoff, Sir Paul: English Society in the Eleventh Century: Essays in English Mediaeval History Harvey, P. D. A: Medieval Maps Frostick, Raymond: The Printed Maps of Norfolk, 1574-1840: A Carto-Bibliography
Batten, Kit; Bennett, Francis: The Victorian Maps of Devon: Printed Maps 1838-1901 Deadman, Derek; Brooks, Colin: An Illustrated Guide to the Printed Maps of Leicestershire 1576-1900 Gourse, Leslie: Blowing on the Changes (Art of Jazz)
Wall, Tim: Studying Popular Music Culture McGill, J. F: British Grasses Carroll, Raymond A. and Napier, Pauline (Editors): Boston Parish Library Catalogue 2006
Jiri Padrta: Picasso The Early Years Barkhuizen, B.P: Succulents of Southern Africa Craig, Robert T: The Mammillaria Handbook
Reed, Chester A: Bird Guide; Land Birds East of the Rockies, from Parrots to Bluebirds. (Part 2) Bannerman, W. Bruce and Bannerman, Major W. Bruce (Editors): The Registers Of St Stephen's Walbrook And Of St Benet Sherehog London. 2 Volume Set Thompson, Albert E: Skegness Pier 1881-1978 The History Of The Birth And Demise Of The Pier
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