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Schelpe, E: An Introduction to the SA Orchids Goldblatt, P & J Manning: Cape Plants Carr, J: Combretaceae in Southern Africa
Joffe, P: Creative Gardening with Indigenous Plants - a SA Guide Polhill, R: Crotalaria in Africa & Madagascar Carr, J: The South African Acacias
Euphorbia Journal Vol 1 Euphorbia Journal Vol 2 Euphorbia Journal Vol 3
Euphorbia Journal Vol 4 Euphorbia Journal Vol 5 Euphorbia Journal Vol 6
Euphorbia Journal Vol 7 Euphorbia Journal Vol 8 Euphorbia Journal Vol 9
Bohnen, P: Flowering Plants of the Southern Cape Cowling, R & D Richardson: Fynbos: South Africa's unique Floral Kingdom Goldblatt, P & J Manning: Gladiolus in Southern Africa
Goldblatt, P: Gladiolus in Tropical Africa Levyns, M: Guide to the flora of the Cape Peninsula Smith, G et al: List of SA Succulent Plants
van Wyk, B et al: Medicinal plants of South Africa Smith, G et al: Mesembs of the world Jeppe, B: Natal wild flowers
Stewart, J: Orchids of Kenya van Wyk, B & N Gericke: People's Plants Manning, J & P Goldblatt: SA wild flower guide no. 7: West Coast
Manning, J & P Goldblatt: SA wild flower guide no. 9: Nieuwoudtville, Bokkeveld & Hantam Sajeva, M & M Constanzo: Succulents - the illustrated dictionary Hardy, D: Succulents of the Transvaal
Oliver, E: Systematics of Ericaceae - revision of species with indehiscent & partially dehiscent fruits Pauw, A & S Johnson: Table Mountain - A Natural History Hilliard, O & B. Burtt: The Botany of the Southern Natal Drakensberg
Goldblatt, P: The genus Watsonia Goldblatt, P: The Moraeas of Southern Africa Fabian, A & G. Germishuizen: Transvaal Wild Flowers
Mason, H: Western Cape sandveld flowers Letty, C: Wild Flowers of the Transvaal Stewart, J & E Hennessy: Orchids of Africa
Batten, A & Bokelmann, H: Wild Flowers of the Eastern Cape Province Rowley, G: A History of Succulent Plants Jackson, W: Wild Flowers of Table Mountain
Trauseld, W: Wild Flowers of the Natal Drakensberg Meredith, D (ed): The Grasses and Pastures of South Africa van Wyk, A & G Smith: Regions of Floristic Endemism
Cowling, R & S. Pierce: Namaqualand - A Succulent Desert Herre, H: The genera of the Mesembryanthemaceae Court, D: Succulent Flora of Southern Africa
Hancock, F & A Lucas: Ferns of the Witwatersrand Baker, H & E Oliver: Ericas in southern Africa Smith, C: Common Names of South African Plants
Venter, F & J: Making the most of indigenous trees van Wyk, B et al: Poisonous Plants of South Africa van Gogh, J & J Anderson: Trees & shrubs of the Witwatersrand, Magaliesberg, & Pilanesberg
Manning, J et al: The Color Encyclopedia of Cape Bulbs von Breitenbach, F: Southern Cape Forests and Trees Grabandt, K: Weeds of Crops & Gardens in southern Africa
Watt, J & M Breyer-Brandwijk: The Medicinal & Poisonous plants of Southern Africa White, A & B Sloane: The Stapelieae Halliday, P: Noteworthy Species of Kleinia
Trinder-Smith, T: The Levyns Guide to the Plant Genera of the Southwestern Cape Burrows, J & S: Figs of Southern & South-Central Africa Germishuizen, G & N Meyer: Plants of southern Africa: an annotated checklist (Strelitzia 14)
van Wyk, B & G Smith: Guide to the Aloes of South Africa Gibson, J: Wild Flowers of Natal (Coastal Region) + (Inland Region) Batten, A: Flowers of Southern Africa
Goldblatt, P et al: Crocosmia and Chasmanthe van Jaarsveld, E & D Koutnik: Cotyledon and Tylecodon Le Roux, A: SA wild flower guide no. 1: Namaqualand
Bruyns, P: Stapeliads of Southern Africa and Madagascar Vols 1 & 11 Bean, A & Johns, A: SA wild flower guide no. 5: Stellenbosch to Hermanus Craib, C: Grass Aloes in the South African Veld
Patterson, F: Namaqualand: garden of the gods Stewart, J & B Campbell: Orchids of Tropical Africa Ball, J: Southern African Epiphytic Orchids
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