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The Glass Key Authors

Burke James Lee Carey John Wyndham John
Malouf David March Hannah Starkie Enid
Crompton Richmal Aubert Brigitte Wilson Colin
Cornwell Bernard Russell Leonard and Nicolas Bentley Clifton-Taylor Alex
Burgess Fred W Harris Thomas Mistry Rohinton
Cooper David Peters Ellis Adams Jane
Hall Trevor H Firbank Ronald Winterson Jeanette
Welty Eudora Punshon E R Black Eugene C
Hillier Bevis Anon Ellroy James
Herbert Ivor No Author Jackson Frank G
James P D Lewis Wyndham Morris Colin
Hyde W G S Young Andrew D Benayoun Robert
Rogers Walter T Berendsen Anne Delieb Eric
Kerouac Jack Jennings Bernard Gardiner Juliet&Neil Wenborn
Arano Luisa Cogliati Foot Michael Chapman S D&J D Chambers
Labarge Margaret Wade Crosland T W H Mitchell-Cotts Campbell
Bax Clifford Harris John Eckersley Arthur
Van der Post Laurens Westwood Gordon Austin Alfred
Maxwell Marius Hadfield John Evans Joan
Beesley Earl A and Garry Gibbons Bowles Fred G Vollmann William T
Longueville T Reed Charles B Moore Dorothea
Eliot T S Weightman Gavin&Steve Humphries Tremain Rose
Tresidder Jane&Stafford Cliff Green Alan Christie Anne
Wodehouse P G Reah Danuta Bernoville Gaetan M Etcheverry J Ithurriague and P Veyrin
MacLeod Alistair Chandler Raymond Gair Malcolm
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