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The Glass Key Books

"Berne, Suzanne": A Crime in the Neighbourhood "Hill, Tobias": The Love of Stones "Matanle, Ivor": World War II
"Gaisford, John (Ed)": Britannia Revisited "Rosenberg, Samuel": Naked is the Best Disguise: The Death and Resurrection of Sherlock Holmes "Burke, James Lee": Sunset Limited
"Carey, John (Ed)": William Golding: The Man and his Books "Wyndham, John": The Seeds of Time "Malouf, David": The Conversations at Curlow Creek
"March, Hannah": A Necessary Evil "George, Elizabeth": A Traitor to Memory "Starkie, Enid": Baudelaire
"Crompton, Richmal": Sweet William "Wells, H. G.": Ann Veronica "Aubert, Brigitte": Death from the Woods
"Wilson, Colin": Voyage to a Beginning: A Preliminary Autobiography "Cornwell, Bernard": Battle Flag "Russell, Leonard and Nicolas Bentley (Eds)": The English Comic Album: a century of pictorial wit and humour
"Clifton-Taylor, Alex": Another Six English Towns "Wilson, Colin": A Casebook of Murder "Wells, H. G.": Things to Come
"Burgess, Fred W.": Antique Furniture "Harris, Thomas": Red Dragon "Grafton, Sue": M is for Malice
"Mistry, Rohinton": Family Matters "Cooper, David": The Language of Madness "Peters, Ellis (Edith Pargeter)": The Horn of Roland
"Adams, Jane": The Greenway "Hall, Trevor H.": The Early Years of the Huddersfield Building Society (1864 - 1928) "Firbank, Ronald": Valmouth
"Winterson, Jeanette": Written on the Body "Welty, Eudora": The Golden Apples "Punshon, E.R.": Hidden Lives
"Wilson, Colin": The Killer "Black, Eugene C": Victorian Culture and Society "Hillier, Bevis": Young Betjeman
Anon: Blackie's Comprehensive History of England "Ellroy, James": The Cold Six Thousand "Herbert, Ivor": Red Rum
No Author: "Second Series of the National Gallery, 20 Splendid Engravings" "Jackson, Frank G.": Lessons on Decorative Design Anon: England under Victoria
"James, P.D.": Death in Holy Orders "Lewis, Wyndham": The Human Age. Book 2: Monstre Gai & Book 3: Malign Fiesta "Morris, Colin": History of British Bus Services South-East England
"Hyde, W.G.S. (Ed)": Greater Manchester Transport Review "Young, Andrew D.": One Hundred Years of Leeds Tramways "Benayoun, Robert": Le Regarde de Buster Keaton
"Wells, H.G.": Collection of British Authors Tauchnitz Edition 3577 "Rogers, Walter T.": Manual of Bibliography "Berendsen, Anne": Tiles: A General History
"Delieb, Eric": Investing in Silver "Kerouac, Jack": Maggie Cassidy "Jennings, Bernard (Ed)": A History of Harrogate & Knaresborough
"Gardiner, Juliet & Neil Wenborn": The History Today Companion to British History "Arano, Luisa Cogliati": The Medieval Health Handbook: Tacuinum Sanitatis "Foot, Michael": The History of Mr Wells
"Chapman, S. D. & J. D. Chambers": The Beginnings of Industrial Britain "Labarge, Margaret Wade": A Baronial Household of the Thirteenth Century "Crosland, T. W. H.": The Five Notions
"Mitchell-Cotts, Campbell": The Lute Player in Avalon "Bax, Clifford (Ed)": "Florence Farr, Bernard Shaw, W. B. Yeats: Letters" "Harris, John": Sunset at Sheba
"Eckersley, Arthur": Odds and Ends of a Learned Clerk "Van der Post, Laurens": The Night of the New Moon "Westwood, Gordon": A Minority: A Report on the Life of the Male Homosexual in Great Britain
"Austin, Alfred": Lamia's Winter Quarters "Maxwell, Marius": Stalking Big Game with a Camera in Equatorial Africa "Hadfield, John (Ed)": The Saturday Book Number 14
"Hadfield, John (Ed)": The Saturday Book Number 16 "Evans, Joan": English Art 1307 - 1461 "Beesley, Earl A. and Garry Gibbons": The Treasure Houses of England: A View of Eight Great Country Estates
"Bowles, Fred. G.": In the Wake of the Sun "Vollmann, William T.": Fathers and Crows "Longueville, T.": The First Duke and Duchess of Newcastle-upon-Tyne
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