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The Hakluyt Society Authors

J S Cummins ed and transl W E D Allen ed Terence Armstrong ed Tatiana Minorsky and David Wileman transl
Mary Frear Keeler ed S Arasaratnam ed and transl J R Hale ed
Michael E Hoare ed N J W Thrower ed J Dunmore ed
Raymond H Fisher ed Gillian T Cell ed David B Quinn and Alison M Quinn eds
NO AUTHOR John Wilkinson with Joyce Hill and W F Ryan Andrew Wawn ed
John Bockstoce ed Joyce Lorimer ed Stanley M Burstein ed&transl
Peter Jackson ed&transl Henry Arrowsmith-Brown ed P E H Hair Adam Jones and Robin Law eds
William Barr and Glyndwyr Williams eds H A R Gibb and C F Beckingham eds John Dunmore ed&transl
William Barr and Glyndwr Williams eds Peter Foote ed Peter Fisher and Humphrey Higgins transl R C Bridges and P E H Hair eds
Wendy James Gerd Baumann and Douglas H Johnson eds L E Pennington ed Colin Thomas ed Liudmila Gilmour Colin Thomas and Marcus Wheeler transl
A D H Bivar William Barr ed David P Gamble and P E H Hair eds
Michael G Brennan ed R J Campbell ed James D La Fleur ed
James McDermott ed Michael Cooper ed Andrew David Felipe Fernández-Armesto Carlos Novi and Glyndwr Williams eds
John Dunmore ed Richard C Davis ed Andrew David Felipe Fernandez-Armesto Carlos Novi and Glyndwr Williams eds
C Ian Jackson ed Dorothy Middleton ed Andrew David ed
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