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Hugh Garner Bennett Janet and Colin Bord Arthur Heming
Lavender Emerson&Norman Sheffe No Author Listed James Humphreys
Wilson David A Peter Straub Robinson Spider
Rimmer Steven William Rappaport Doreen Dorn Sylvia O'neill
Hanna Jack Stravinsky John R T Pritchard Wellman M D
Coppel Alfred Fraser Sylvia Backman Michael
Mrs Molesworth Haines Max Chuck Anderson
Harry Lewis Bird Dicks Terrance Westgate H Palmer
McNaughton Janet K S Spiegler J Butler and G Bartlett
Radcliffe Ann Reeves-Stevens Garfield&Judith Reeves-Garfield Gilluly Sheila
Dean Pamela James Edward C The Editors of Rolling Stone
Kava Alex Wilhelm Kate Shetterly Will
Northfield Diane Fetherling George Various Authors
Colley Ed Alfieri Janet McNeil Jean James Peter Thorpe Nick
Jensen Cecil Howard Norman Parkinson Sherman M Kuhn
Wilson Tom Wicks Ben Annette Laslett Ross and Jean Adams Disney
McGowan Hugh Various Artists Trudeau Garry B
Niemeier Juliane and Jurgen Klein Bugler Caroline Forlag Dreyers
Troll Ray Schulz Charles M Von Drehle David
White Minor Green Jonathan Saunders Richard E A Hardy&Honora M Cochrane
Balch James F Jr Balch Phyllis Kean Sharon Mackenzie Andrew Joyce Pope Dr Josef Reichholf
Fenton D X Humphries Patrick Hunt Chris Kliban B
Erdos Dawn Hollobon Joan Priesnitz Wendy
White Sheila Guthrie Ann Deeson A F L
Various Contibuters Gingrich Arnold Robert Herman Bogue
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