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Hugh Garner Bennett: Animal Proteins : Industrial Chemistry Series Janet and Colin Bord: Modern Mysteries of Britain One Hundred Years of Strange Events Arthur Heming: The Drama of the Forests
Lavender, Emerson & Norman Sheffe: The Evaders No Author Listed: How to Get the Most Out of Your Home Workshop with Hand and Power Tools No Author Listed: Consolidated Ontario Business Corporations Act, Related Statutes and Regulations 2002
James Humphreys: Sleeping Partner Wilson, David A: Ireland, a Bicycle and a Tin Whistle Peter Straub: The Hellfire Club
Robinson, Spider: Mindkiller Rimmer, Steven William: The Order Rappaport, Doreen: The Flight of Red Bird : The Life of Zitkala-Sa
Dorn, Sylvia O'neill: The Insider's Guide to Antiques Art & Collectibles Hanna, Jack; Stravinsky, John: Monkeys on the Interstate : And Other Tales from America's Favorite Zookeeper R. T. Pritchard: Craft Theory and Related Studies for Mechanical Engineering Craftsman Vol 1
Wellman, M. D: The Sexual Taboos Coppel, Alfred: The Marburg Chronicles Fraser, Sylvia: The Candy Factory
Backman, Michael: Asian Eclipse: Exposing the Dark Side of Business in Asia No Author Listed: The Ultimate Rpg Ardchieves Mrs. Molesworth: The Grim House
Haines, Max: Murder Most Foul : Crimes from Canada and Around the World Chuck Anderson: Camp Hang Loose Harry Lewis Bird: This Fascinating Advertising Buisness
Dicks, Terrance: True Horror stories (True Stories Ser.) Westgate H. Palmer: St. Johns Church Sandwich Windsor Ontario McNaughton, Janet: Catch Me Once, Catch Me Twice
K. S. Spiegler (editor): Principles of Desalination J. Butler and G. Bartlett: Bibliography of the Geology of Newfoundland and Labrador 1814 Through 1968 Radcliffe, Ann: The Mysteries of Udolpho
Reeves-Stevens, Garfield & Judith Reeves - Garfield: Nightfeeder ( the Chronicles of Galen Sword Gilluly, Sheila: The Boy from the Burren : The First Book of the Apinter Dean, Pamela: The Whim of the Dragon ( Book 3 of the Secret Country Trilogy
James, Edward C. (editor): Fishing with Ray Bergman The Editors of Rolling Stone: The Rolling Stone Interviews Vol 1 Kava, Alex: At the Stroke of Madness
Wilhelm, Kate: Clear and Convincing Proof Shetterly, Will: Elsewhere (A Novel of the Borderlands Ser.) Northfield, Diane: Hostage
Fetherling, George: A Biographical Dictionary of the World's Assassins Various Authors: Chamber of Horrors : Great Tales of Terror and the Supernatural Colley, Ed; Alfieri, Janet: A Fistful of Credit Cards (A Suburban Cowgirls Collection)
McNeil, Jean: Nights in a Foreign Country James, Peter; Thorpe, Nick: Ancient Inventions Jensen, Cecil Howard: Interpreting Engineering Drawings (Blueprint Reading and Drafting Ser.)
Norman Parkinson: Sisters Under the Skin Sherman M. Kuhn: Middle English Dictionary Part M.6 Wilson, Tom: Encore! Encore! A Collection of Ziggy Favorites
Wicks, Ben: The Second Ben Wicks Treasury Annette Laslett Ross and Jean Adams Disney: Cookies No Author Listed: Tom and Jerry Annual 1975
McGowan, Hugh: Leprechauns, Legends and Irish Tales Various Artists: Visions : Artists and the Creative Process Trudeau, Garry B: The People's Doonesbury : Notes from Underfoot
Various Artists: Three Hundred Years of Canadian Art Niemeier, Juliane and Jurgen Klein: Making Jewellery Bugler, Caroline: Dutch Painting in the Seventeenth Century (Mayflower Gallery Ser.)
Forlag, Dreyers: Norwegian Folk Tales Troll, Ray: Ray Troll's Shocking Fish Tales : Fish, Romance, and Death in Pictures Schulz, Charles M: Talk Is Cheep, Charlie Brown : Peanuts
Von Drehle, David: Triangle : The Fire That Changed America White, Minor; Green, Jonathan: Celebrations Saunders, Richard: Wicker Furniture: A Guide to Restoring and Collecting
E. A. Hardy & Honora M. Cochrane: Centennial Story : The Board of Education for the City of Toronto 1850-1950 Balch, James F., Jr.; Balch, Phyllis (editor); Kean, Sharon (editor): Prescription for Cooking Mackenzie, Andrew: Hans Heysen 1877-1968
Joyce Pope (consultant editor) Dr. Josef Reichholf (scientific adviser): Life Itself : It's Origins and Mysteries Fenton, D. X: Greenhousing for Purple Thumbs Humphries, Patrick; Hunt, Chris: Springsteen : Blinded by the Light
Kliban, B: Catcalendar Cats Erdos, Dawn: Concepts in Computer Design Hollobon, Joan: The Lion's Tale : A History of the Wellesley Hospital
Priesnitz, Wendy: Markham : Canada's Community of the Future White, Sheila: North York : Realizing the Dream Guthrie, Ann: Halton : Rising, Wild and Beckoning
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