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Campbell, Edward Donald: The Birth and Development of the Natal Railways Schapera, I. (Ed): The Bantu-Speaking Tribes of Southern Africa Becker, Peter: The Life and Times of Dingane, King of the Zulu
Johnston, R. E: Ulundi to Delville Wood - The Life story of Major General Sir Henry Timson Lukin Gilbert, W. S. (words and illustrations) Sullivan, Arthur (Music): Songs of Two Savoyards Gibson, Janet M: Wild Flowers of Natal (Inland and Coastal Region)
Barkhuizen, B. P. (Prof): Succulents of Southern Africa Rawe, Rolf: Cacti in Southern Africa Kearton, Cherry: Wild Life Across the World
Campbell, Roy: Collected Poems Lindsay, Lionel, Illustrated by Martens, Conrad: Conrad Martens - the Man and His Art Montoya, G., Illustrated by Bombled, L: La Moderne Epopee - Les Boers
Wallis, J. P. R. (Ed): The Zambesi Journal of James Stewart (1862-1863) Wallis, J. P. R. (Ed): The Barotseland Journal of James Stevenson-Hamilton (1898-1899) Wallis, J. P. R. (Ed), Illustrated by Baines, Thomas: The Zambesi Expedition of David Livingstone (1858-1863)
Wallis, J. P. R. (Ed): The Southern African Diaries of Thomas Leask (1865-1870) Wilson, Joseph Thomas: Black Phalanx: A History of the Negro Soldiers of the United States in the Wars of 1775-1812, 1861-'65 Playne, Beatrice: St. George for Ethiopia
Wodehouse, P. G: Uncle Dynamite Wodehouse, P. G: The Golf Omnibus Amis, Kingsley: The James Bond Dossier
Bunyan, John, Illustrated by Dalziel, Thomas: The Pilgrim's Progress from This World to That Which is to Come Attenborough, John: A Living Memory: Hodder & Stoughton Publishers 1868-1975 Hodges, Sheila: Gollancz: The Story of a Publishing House 1928-1978
Bucciante, Giuseppe (Ed): The Navigators Mitford, Bertram: Through the Zulu Country: Its Battlefields and Its People Fouche, Leo (Ed): Van Riebeeck Second Series, Vols 1-31
Secret Court Memoirs Brooke Simons, Phillida: John Blades Currey 1850-1900: Fifty Years in the Cape Colony Difford, Ivor D: The History of south African Rugby Football
Fortune, Charles: The M.C.C. Tour of South Africa 1956-1957 Green, Lawrence: South African Beachcomber Green, Lawrence: A Decent Fellow Doesn't Work
Green, Lawrence: A Taste of South-Easter Green, Lawrence: Harbours of Memory McGlew, Jackie: Cricket for South Africa
McLean, Roy: Pitch and Toss Cottrell, Kent: More Than Sunburnt: Africa - Mostly Above the Equator Scheemaker, H. J. (Ed): Adventure in Art
Binzagr, Safeya: Saudi Arabia - an Artist's View of the Past Barenholtz, Bernard & McClintock, Inez: American Antique Toys 1830-1900 White, Gwen: A Picture Book of Ancient and Modern Dolls
Currier and Ives: The Spirit of America: Currier & Ives Prints Currier and Ives: The Red Indian: Currier & Ives Prints No.2 Goetzsche, Eric: Rough But Ready: An Official History of the Natal Mounted Rifles 1854-1969
Hellman, Ellen (Ed): Handbook on Race Relations in South Africa Levi, N: Jan Smuts McConachie, John: The Moray Golf Club at Lossiemouth 1889-1989
Hodgson, C. F. Colonel: From Hell to the Himalayas Coetzee, Renata: The South African Culinary Tradition: The origin of South Africa's Culinary Arts During the 17th and 18th Centuries London, Jack: John Barleycorn or Alcoholic Memoirs
Thomas, Elizabeth Marshall: The Harmless People L'afrique Australe Ogilvie, Will H., Illustrated by Edwards, Lionel: Scattered Scarlet
The South African Native Races Committee: The south African Natives: Their Progress and Present Condition Gordon, George Byron: Rambles in Old London Cumberland, Stuart C: What I think of south Africa: Its people and Its Politics
Burt, A. (Ed): The African Monthly (Vols 1 & 6) Bryce, James: Impressions of South Africa Wilmot, The Hon. A: The Story of the Expansion of Southern Africa
Shortridge, Captain G. C: The Mammals of South West Africa (2 Vols) Bannerman, David Armitage: The Birds of Tropical West Africa (Vols 4-7) Garrett, F. E. & Edwards, E.J: The Story of an African Crisis and of the jameson Raid
Goldmann, Charles Sydney: With General French and the Cavalry in South Africa Lear, Edward: Journal of a Landscape Painter in Corsica Armstrong, Lilias E: The Phonetic and Tonal Structure of Kikuyu
Doughty, C.M: Travels in Arabia Deserta (2 Vols) Van Vloten Elderinck, D. Ph: De Sexueele Zeden in Woord En Beeld Batten, Auriol & Bokelmann, Hertha, Illustrated by Batten, A & Bokelmann, H: Wild Flowers of the Eastern Cape Province
Audubon, John James: Audubon's Quadrupeds of North America Boniface, Charles Etienne: Bluettes Theal, George McCall: Willem Adriaan Van Der Stel and Other Historical Sketches
Horn, Aloysius: Aloysius Horn - Ivory Coast in the Earlies Stuart, J & Malcolm, D. (eds): The Diary of Henry Frances Fynn Murdoch, Iris: The Sacred and Profane Love Machine
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