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Ronald Levine Modern First Editions Authors

Charteris Leslie Gordimer Nadine Filson Young A B
Lewis Wyndham Ellison Ralph Abrahams Peter
Lodge David Lessing Doris McCarthy Cormac
Conan Doyle Arthur Christian Edgar Durrell Lawrence
Markham Robert Miller Arthur Christie Agatha
Hughes Langston Bradbury Ray Bellow Saul
Dexter Colin Smith Wilbur Trevor William
Swift Graham O'Connor Flannery Lawrence D H
Woolf Virginia Disch Thomas M Wiesel Elie
Greene Graham Orwell George Rendell Ruth
Crofts Freeman Wills Kavanagh Dan Leon Donna
Banks Iain Dibdin Michael Grey Zane
Montalbano William&Hiaasen Carl Welty Eudora Francis Dick
Peters Ellis Graham W S Chandler Raymond
Stevenson Robert Louis Coetzee J M Bryan Michael
Heaney Seamus Horler Sydney Pynchon Thomas
Moore Brian Roberts Keith Plomer William
Ballen Roger Alberts Paul Devitt Napier
Wright Richard Cradock Mrs H C Boyd William
Rand Ayn Calvino Italo Lewis C S
Bradbury Malcolm Kerouac Jack Crompton Richmal
Johns W E Burroughs William Deighton Len
Jones David Beckett Samuel Highsmith Paticia
Murdoch Iris Celine Louis-Ferdinand Wodehouse P G
Zweig Arnold Blyton Enid Mansfield Katherine
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