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Albers Bros. Milling Co: Collection of Three Printed Promotional Ephemera from the Albers Bros. Milling Co., c. 1922 Finch, Van Slyck & McConville: Collection of Five Printed Promotional Ephemera from Finch, Van Slyck & McConville, St. Paul, Minnesota, c. 1920s-1930s May-Jane Novelty Co: Printed Promotional Ephemera from the May-Jane Novelty Co., New York, c. 1890s-1920s
Marathon Mfg. Co: Printed Promotional Ephemera from the Marathon Mfg. Co., New York, c. 1890s-1920s American Aluminum Mfg. Co: Collection of Three Printed Promotional Ephemera from the American Aluminum Mfg. Co., Lemont, Illinois, circa 1920s Valley Oil Company: One Printed Promotional Letter from the Valley Oil Company, Cleveland, Ohio, 1919
Mike Healy Mexia Pool: Collection of Two Printed Promotional Letters and One Stock Certificate from the Mike Healy Mexia Pool, First National Bank Building, Fort Worth, Texas The Bissinger Hat Manufacturing Company: One Printed Promotional Letter from the Bissinger Hat Manufacturing Company, New York The Florsheim Shoe Company: One Printed Promotional Ephemera from the the Florsheim Shoe Company, New York
The Fleischmann Company: Collection of Four Printed Promotional Letters from the Fleischmann Company Fitzgerald, Edward: Letters & Literary Remains of Edward FitzGerald Nathan, George Jean: Art of the Night
Le Gallienne, Richard: The Religion of a Literary Man (Religio Scriptoris) Stanford, Ann; William Stafford; Howard Baker; Clinton Williams; Myron Broomell; Harold witt; Alan Stephens; George Elliott; Leonard Nathan: A Western Sampler : Nine Contemporary Poets Various: Chambers's Papers for the People
Anonymous: Three Pioneer California Gold Rush Songs Stephens, James: Theme and Variations Sanz, Jose: Observacion Chirurgico-Medica de un Hidro-Sarcocele, O Tumor Scirroso en un Testiculo con Kiste, O Saco, Lleno de pus en El Escroto
Knower, Daniel: The Adventures of a Forty-Niner Strickland, Agnes: Lives of the Queens of England, from The Norman Conquest; with Anecdotes of Their Courts, Now First Published from Official Records and Other Authentic Documents, Private as Well as Public; 12 Volumes, Complete Knopf, Alfred A: Publishing Then and Now, 1912 - 1964; Twenty-first of the R. R. Bowker Memorial Lectures
Murray, Robert A: The Custer Court Martial (cover title) Anonymous: Henry Raup Wagner, 1862 - 1957 : An Exhibition of Rare Books Honoring the Centenary of His Birth White, Andrew Dickson: Autobiography of Andrew Dickson White; Two Volumes
Axton, Stockton, Kenyon Cox, G. Stanley Hall and Oliver S. Tonks: Art Museums and Schools: Four Lectures Delivered at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Dewick, The Rev. E.S: On a Ms. Book of Hours Written in France for the Use of a Scottish Lady Gunsky, Fred and Mary Griffith, Editors: Sacramento Yesterday: Looking Back To the Early Years of California's Capital.from Golden Notes
Gordan, John D: William Makepeace Thackeray: An Exhibition from the Berg Collection.first Editions, Manuscripts, Autograph Letters and Drawings in Celebration of the one-Hundreth Anniversary of Vanity Fair Garroway Will: Pianism Mangourit, M.O.B: Travels in Hanover, During the Years 1803 and 1804. Containing an Account of the Form of Government, Religion, Agriculture, Commerce, and Natural History of the Country
Maxim, Hudson: Signature on Card - Hudson Maxim Various: Parergon : From the Greek Word Meaning "Work By the Side of Work" Anonymous: Original Photograph. "Bristol, England"
Dean, Priscilla: Original Publicity Photograph Anonymous: Original Stereocard Photograph. "Niagara, Mightiest of Waterfalls - General View from Steel Arch Bridge - U.S.A." Anonymous: Original Stereocard Photograph. "Niagara - Sunshine and Shadow - Winter."
Ward, Mrs. Humphry (Mary A. Ward): The Writings of Mrs. Humphry Ward, with Introductions By the Author. Autograph Edition Anonymous: 20 Different Views of Cartagena, Colombia Wentworth, Trelawny: The West India Sketch Book. In Two Volumes. [Vol. II]
Anonymous: Bardell Fototone Miniatures. Los Angeles, California Anonymous: Bardell Miniatures, 15 Views, Portland, Oregon Everson, William: San Joaquin
Weller, Fontunella A: Original Stereocard Photograph. "Stereoscopic Treasures, No. 375." Rea, Florence P: Original Childhood Photos (3) and One as an Adult Weller, Fontunella A: Original Stereocard Photograph. "Stereoscopic Treasures, Found a Prize, No. 313"
Weller, Fontunella A: Original Stereocard Photograph. "Stereoscopic Treasures. A Mis-step. - - - No. 340" Anonymous: Original Stereocard Photograph. "Cheese it Cillies, De Cop is Comin" Anonymous: Original Stereocard Photograph. "Bunker Hill Monument"
Anonymous: Original Stereocard Photograph. "Massachusetts - Connecticut Valley. Springfield, Court Square." Anonymous: Original Stereocard Photograph. "'D--M YOUR HIDE.' 'I'SE SORRY SAH'." Anonymous: Original Stereocard Photograph. "No. Capri Da Massa."
Anonymous: Original Stereocard Photograph. "Marble Room, U.S. Capitol, Washington, D.C." None: Original Stereocard Photograph. "In Amsterdam, Holland, the Venice of the North None: Original Stereocard Photograph. "The Schotten-ring Strasse, Vienna, Austria."
Anonymous: Souvenir Letter: Minneapolis, Minn None: Cabinet Sized Photograph. "7124. Lago Di Como. Menaggio Daila Villa Melzi." None: Cabinet Sized Photograph. "Bellagio"
None: Cabinet Sized Photograph. "Villa Melri." Tennyson, Lord Alfred: Original Carte de Visite Photograph. "Lord Tennyson" Butler, Benjamin: Original Carte De Visite Photograph. "Gen. Benjamin Butler"
Russell, John: Original Carte De Visite Photograph. " Earl Russell" Napoleon III: Original Carte De Visite Photograph. "Napoleon III" Day, Dr David: Carte De Viste Photograph Portrait
Gladstone, William E: Original Carte De Viste Photograph Portrait Beecher, Henry Ward: Original Carte De Visite Photograph Portrait Frederick Charles, German Emperor [Frederickl III]: Original Carte De Visite Photograph Portrait
Spencer, Rev. Joseph: Polymetis : An Inquiry Concerning the Agreement Between the Works of the Roman Poets, and the Remains of the Ancient Artists. An Attempt to Illustrate Them Mutually from One Another. In Ten Books. The Second Edition, Corrected By the Author Cobden, Richard: Original Carte De Visite Portrait Photograph. "Richard Cobden" Sheridan, Thomas: A General Dictionary of the English Language. One Main Object of Which, is , to Establish a Plain and Permanent Standard of Pronunciation. To Which is Prefixed a Thetorical Grammar,
McCarthy, Joe: Original Portrait Photograph "Joe McCarthy" Straus, Oscar: Collection of Autograph Letters Signed, Carbon Copy Letters (not signed), Several Related Letters and a Program Anonymous: Melbourne Up To-date. Present Day Views of Melbourne
Yeats, W.B. [or William Butler]: Essays Yeats, W.B. [or William Butler]: Plays in Prose and Verse. Written for an Irish Theatre, and Generally with the Help of a Friend Yeats, W.B. [or William Butler]: Early Poems and Stories
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